Visions of Heresy is a lunar item released in the Hidden Realms Update.

It has a 2 second cooldown between bursts starting at 12 machine gun like shots and adding 12 for every stack and 2 additional seconds to the cooldown.

Hungering Gaze

Hungering Gaze
Hungering Gaze
Type Primary
Cooldown 2s
Proc Coefficient Initial hit: 0.1

Explosion: 1.0

Description Fire a flurry of tracking shards that detonate after a delay, dealing 120% damage.


  • This of this item increase the number of charges for the turrets and Engineer.
  • Not quite accurate from longer ranges as it has a large spread; unless Engineer's turrets are firing the shots (untested on others characters).
  • This item replaces both of MUL-T's selected primary skills.


"…and for her betrayal, and her lies, and her scheming ways, the Heretic was violently separated into four distinctive pieces, each to be scattered across the farthest depths of the Moon.

First, her many eyes were plucked from her skull and sealed in boiling glass, forced to gaze upon her failure..."

-The Evisceration of Kur-skan the Heretic, III

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