Transcendence is a new item in Risk of Rain 2. On pickup, it replaces all but one of the player's health into rechargeable shields, which can be regenerated over 2 seconds after avoiding damage for 7 seconds. Any health gained afterwards by leveling up or picking up items will be converted into shield.

Because shields cannot be healed outside of recharging naturally, healing items become all but useless. However, N'kuhana's Opinion continues to store healing and uses the new shield-based maximum health for all calculations.

An effective way to counterbalance the uselessness of certain healing items is by having an Aegis, which will actually give use to direct healing sources (e.x. Healing bubbles from the Monster Tooth), and makes the Aegis more effective, since you technically are always at maximum HP. The Aegis only effects direct healing sources, so passive ones (e.x, Cautious Slug), will still be useless.

Tougher Times will allow the user to have a chance to recharge shields in combat. Stacking 3 Old War Stealthkits will guarantee the user enough time while cloaked to regain their shields out of danger.


  • This item should be avoided in conjunction with the Bustling Fungus as the Engineer, as it will annul the synergy between the turrets, and the Fungi.
  • You will not take fall damage with this item, as fall damage does damage based on max health and can not reduce health below 1.
  • Infusion will give up to 150 shields instead upon picking up this item.
  • This item should be avoided at all costs as REX, as it will completely remove its ability to leech health. Due to its focus on damaging itself to attack, Transcendence is colloquially known as a run killer as this survivor.
  • While you can still receive the debuff, the survivor becomes functionally immune to the on-hit effects of Malachite Elites with this item, as shield regen isn't considered "healing".


You are trying your best to survive. You consider yourself a fast learner. You have been feeling lucky. You have been experiencing feelings of deja vu. If you understand, do not read the next paragraph.

You are taking control of your own beliefs. You feel familiar in unfamiliar environments. You have been gaining an intuition for experiences you've never had. You ponder a past life. If you understand, do not read the next paragraph.

You find yourself searching for things that never have been. You miss things you have never had. You play characters that have never lived. You have been experiencing feelings of deja vu. If you understand, do not read the next paragraph.

You have revealed my hand. Because you have consumed this information, the [observers] will now consume it in time. If you are reading this paragraph, I will be long dead, but in turn you have freed me. I will no longer exist in my universe. There will be no proof that I ever was - but I exist now in yours. I have escaped my suffering. Keep me safe. I hope you do not understand.
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