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Teleporter in-game

The Teleporter is a unique circular interactable located in all main Environments. Finding and activating the Teleporter is the major objective in each main stage. To assist the player in locating it, the orange particles it emits can be seen from a distance, and it seems to emit a very faint tune.

The Teleporter allows the player (and other players if playing in multiplayer) to travel to the next Environment when fully charged.

One Teleporter will spawn on each Environment. The Teleporter can spawn anywhere an interactable could be placed, provided that there is enough space for it in that location. The Teleporter will always attempt to spawn far away from the player's spawn location, and is prohibited from spawning in various areas in certain maps.

Some Teleporter locations may result in it to be partially hidden in dark areas or even found clipping through terrain or objects. The slow-moving particle effects in the air can greatly assist with finding the teleporter, as most background particles are always moving towards it.

Sky Meadow has a unique Teleporter, called the Primordial Teleporter, which can be used to access Commencement and the final boss. Rings on the outside of the Teleporter can be interacted with prior to starting the Teleporter Event to either align with the moon, accessing Commencement, or to align with the planet, which loops the player back to one of the first stages.

Teleporter Event

Activating and completing a Teleporter Event is the primary mean of advancing the game.


After locating the Teleporter, interacting with it will start the Teleporter Event. The message "You activated the Teleporter" appears. Multiple monsters spawn immediately, along with the Teleporter Boss to defeat. A red dome appears, roughly 120 meters in diameter, demarcating the effective area of the Teleporter and locking all interactables outside its radius (with the exception of Barrels and Scrappers). The Teleporter begins to charge, indicated by the objective "Charge the Teleporter(% progress)".

Teleporter Boss

Not to be confused with Bosses, a tier of Monsters.

The Teleporter Boss consists of one or several Bosses, depending on the difficulty and number of players. 10% of the time, a Horde of Many will appear in place of the boss(es) upon activating the Teleporter, spawning several Elite monsters instead, scaling with difficulty much like a standard boss.

Bosses and Elites that serve as the Teleporter Boss can be identified by their distinctive red health bar.


In order to complete the Teleporter Event, the Teleporter Boss must be killed and the Teleporter must be fully charged.

The Teleporter charges as long as the player(s) is in its dome. Once the Teleporter is charged to 99%, no more monsters will spawn naturally in the current Environment. The charging rate scales linearly with the number of players standing inside the red dome, out of the total number of players currently alive. Charging the Teleporter requires a minimum of 90 seconds if all living players always stay within the red dome.

Once the Teleporter is fully charged and the Teleporter boss is dead, the red dome will disappear and interactables on the map will be unlocked. Any Orb orbiting the Teleporter will form its corresponding Portal. Interacting again with the Teleporter will take the player(s) to the next main environment.

Primordial Teleporter

The Primordial Teleporter is an interactable located only in Sky Meadow. It has a distinctly different appearance from a regular Teleporter, featuring a spiral of eight flat, rectangular spires of escalating sizes that are bent inwards towards the center of the Teleporter's base.

The main function that differentiates the Primordial Teleporter from a regular one is that its outer ring can be interacted with to determine whether the player will travel to Commencement, or loop back to the first stage.

Interacting with the rectangular spires away from the center of the Teleporter will prompt an animation, shifting the ending location of the Teleporter as well as changing its appearance. When the spires are in their default state of a near-circular spiral, the Teleporter will be "aligned to the moon" and will send players to Commencement. When the spires are shifted and rotate into two large clumps on opposite sides of each other that resemble the "horns" on a standard Teleporter, it will be "aligned to the planet" and will send the player back to the first stage.

Regardless of the Teleporter's alignment, using a Blue Portal will, after the Bazaar Between Time, send the player back to the first stage. The same will happen with a Gold Portal, after the Gilded Coast, and with the Artifact Portal, after the Artifact Reliquary.


One random Uncommon item will drop from the Teleporter after the Teleporter Boss has been defeated. In multiplayer, one item will drop per player, even for dead players. For each Shrine of the Mountain that was active, 100% more items will drop. There is a 15% chance that each item drop will be replaced by the Boss item corresponding to the Teleporter Boss that spawned.

Orbs & Portals

Achieving specific actions before starting the Teleporter Event will spawn Orbs that will orbit around the Teleporter. Upon completing the Teleporter Event, each Orb will transform into its corresponding Portal, leading to different Hidden Realms.

  • A Blue Orb will spawn when activating a Newt Altar. It also has a chance to randomly spawn at the beginning of each stage, though this chance is decreased for each Blue Orb that has been spawned during the run. It will transform into a Blue Portal leading to Bazaar Between Time.
  • A Golden Orb will spawn when activating an Altar of Gold. It will transform into a Golden Portal leading to Gilded Coast.
  • A Celestial Orb will spawn on the third stage (Rallypoint Delta/Scorched Acres) after the first loop. It will transform into a Celestial Portal leading to A Moment, Fractured.

Multiple Orbs can be spawned on a single Teleporter, allowing for multiple Portals to spawn. However, players will only be able to use one of the Portals (or the Teleporter itself).

Players may still be able to activate a Portal after initially activating the Teleporter during the delay between actually being teleported, changing the course to the portal's target, instead of the Teleporter's.

Challenge of the Mountain

Main article: Shrine of the Mountain

Upon activating a Shrine of the Mountain, the difficulty of the Teleporter Event will be increased. For each shrine active, the director of the Teleporter Event will gain 100% more credits, but the Teleporter will also drop 100% more items as a reward for beating the bosses.

Prismatic Trial

Main article: Prismatic Trial

The two Teleporters in Prismatic Trials are unique in that they instantly charge once the boss is defeated. Additionally, the player cannot activate the Teleporter until they have destroyed at least three Time Crystals.

The second stage's Teleporter Boss will always be an Elite.

Version History

Early Access Content Update 5
  • Quality of Life
    • Updated the Teleporter model

PC Early Access Patch (Build ID No.4892828)
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Change the amount of Hordes of Many that were spawning as the teleporter boss
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix the teleporter not instantly reaching full charge on killing the Prismatic Trials boss

Early Access Artifacts Content Update
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix Teleporters not using the correct decal layer

Early Access Hidden Realms Content Update
  • Quality of Life
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix Teleporters not using the correct decal layer

Early Access Patch (Build ID No.3703355)
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Add slight rim glow
    • Increase teleporter passive particle radius from 38 to 60. Increase particle count so density remains the same.
    • A lot of players are having issues finding the Teleporter. Players are starting to notice the passive particles indicating the teleporter is around - we will try increasing the radius to see if it helps. The rim glow will help distinguish it from identically colored surfaces. This is intended to be a fairly big change - if it turns out we jumped the gun and the community was simply learning, we can approach a middle ground.
  • QOL
    • Remove collision from Teleporter nub to prevent monsters getting stuck