The Spinel Tonic is a new equipment in Risk of Rain 2.

The negative effect can be avoided if the buff is kept up continually. Using Gesture of the Drowned and at least 3 Fuel Cells will allow the buff to be constant with no affliction unless the equipment is removed.

You roll for the chance to not get an affliction. This means that with a single 57 Leaf Clover your chance to get an affliction is reduced to 4%.

Not recommended to pick up when playing as Engineer, as your turrets inherit the afflictions and lose stats accordingly.


  • Before the Skills 2.0 update, using a Shrine of Order would remove all Tonic Afflictions from a character.
  • While under the effect of the tonic the screen will be tinted blue and item outlines will be heavily displaced depending on your distance to them.
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