The Shrine of Order is a rare structure that can only be found on Rallypoint Delta.

Donating a Lunar Coin will result in it taking all of the player's items of each rarity and randomly replacing them with a single item of each rarity, stacking with as many items it took from the player's inventory. The item chosen to become the stack is not affected by how many of that item you had, i.e. if you only have 20 Medkit and 1 Soldier's Syringe, sequencing yourself will give you a 50% chance to end up with 21 Medkits and 50% chance to end up with 21 Syringes.

While the risks of using this shrine are quite high, it does have a certain use. If a 3D Printer is found with an item that synergizes well with your character, using the shrine to drastically increase the number of a certain item will give you the opportunity for multiple successful pulls from the 3D Printer.

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