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Rusted Key
Rusted Key.png
Gain access to a Rusty Lockbox that contains a powerful item.
A hidden cache containing an item (80%/20%) will appear in a random location on each stage. Opening the cache consumes this item.
Rarity Common
Category Utility
Unlock Keyed Up
ID 60

The Rusted Key is an item in Risk of Rain 2.

Each stage, a Rusty Lockbox spawns for each player holding a Rusted Key. The lockbox's contents are the same as a Large Chest, with an 80% chance to contain an uncommon item and a 20% chance to contain a legendary item. One key is consumed upon opening a lockbox.


  • Rusty Lockboxes will spawn even if the SacrificeArtifact of Sacrifice is enabled.
  • Lockboxes will only start spawning the stage after the player picks up the key; it does not modify the current stage when obtained.
  • The quantity of lockboxes per stage is only related to the number of players that have keys; the number of keys held by each individual player does not matter.
    • For this reason, players who have more keys than the rest should try to unlock lockboxes for other players, so that each player can still hold onto at least 1 key to spawn as many lockboxes as possible.


Order: Key
Tracking Number: 12******
Estimated Delivery: 01/21/2056
Shipping Method: Standard
Shipping Address: |||||||, Druid Hills, Earth
Shipping Details:

I don't trust UESC. Not one bit. Their Security Chests? Full of overrides and backdoors- I've got a cousin working in their factory, and they've got all kinds of weird things going on in those chests. I've seen so many of them in auctions - for the lost and unclaimed ones - and you just pay money, and it springs open on the spot. Are you kidding me?

Anyways, I'm sending you exactly what I said I would - but it's too important to leave the security up to the UESC. So I'm sending the key to you - and the lockbox to Margaret. Like a two-factor authentication. Let me know when you get this.

Version History

PC Patch v1.1.1.2
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed stray nodes causing lockboxes to spawn midair on the Commencement.png final stage
Anniversary Update
  • Gameplay Changes
    • 🌧 Now subtly glows and pulses
    • Now grants items at the same rarity as a Large Chest
    • Now spawns a Lockbox per player with a Rusted Key
    • Now consumes a Rusted Key when a lockbox is opened, and requires a Rusted Key to open
    • No longer scales reward chance with the number of Keys in your inventory
      Developer Notes: People have always been a bit confused about the behavior of the Rusted Key, so we made it make a bit more sense by actually consuming a key to open. 1 Key = 1 Box. Since the item no longer gives ‘infinite’ items, we can also make it a bit stronger and make the lockbox more noticeable.
  • Quality of Life
    • Update visuals to match other assets
Early Access Hidden Realms Content Update
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Increase lockbox size by 50% and make slightly shinier