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Retaliate in a burst of razors on taking damage.
Getting hit causes you to explode in a burst of razors, dealing 160% damage. Hits up to 5 (+2 per stack) targets in a 25m (+10m per stack) radius
Rarity Uncommon
Category Damage
ID 90
Stat Value Stack Add
Targets 5 Linear +2
Radius 25m Linear +10m

Razorwire is an item in Risk of Rain 2 added in the Hidden Realms update.

When the holder takes damage, the Razorwire will attack up to 5 (+2 per stack) targets in a 25m (+10 per stack) that deal 160% damage.

Each razor burst has a proc coefficient of 0.5.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The item will also activate from self-damage sources, such as fall damage or Shrines of Blood.
  • When the damage is blocked by being invincible or rejected by Tougher Times.pngTougher TimesBgCommon.pngTougher Times.pngChance to block incoming damage.
    15% (+15% per stack) chance to block incoming damage. Unaffected by luck.
    , the Razorwire will not trigger.
  • This item is especially useful on REX.png REX since it will trigger upon use of any health-sacrificing ability, and as such is very effective with their Seed Barrage.png Seed Barrage skill.
  • The Void Fields are made significantly easier with this item, as the player can simply sit outside of the cell radius and continually take damage, shooting projectiles at any nearby enemies.
  • Helfire Tincture.pngHelfire TinctureBgLunar.pngHelfire Tincture.png45sBurn everything nearby... including you and allies.
    Ignite ALL characters within 15m for 12s. Deal 5% of your maximum health/second as burning to yourself. The burn is 0.5x stronger on allies, and 24x stronger on enemies.
    will also proc the item in a similar way as above. With enough stacks of Razorwire, this can allow for map-wide attacks while the Tincture is active.
  • Take care when fighting near explosive pots on Abandoned Aqueduct, as the Razorwire may detonate the pots and kill the player.
  • The razor bursts have a proc coefficient of 0.0 when held by invading doppelgangers spawned by the VengeanceArtifact of Vengeance.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Order: Custom-made Barbed Wire, 200m
Tracking Number: 05***********
Estimated Delivery: 02/01/2056
Shipping Method:  Priority
Shipping Address: PO Box 23-5B, Fort Blondershire, Colony of Man
Shipping Details: 

You were right to come to me for this PREMIUM barbed wire. The other retail models won’t get the job done like I do. Just cutting up invaders isn’t enough – no sir - I built in a secret defense mechanism!

By cramming as many razors, exacto knives, and any other blade I could find into this thing, this beauty is a powder keg just WAITING to burst! This is my greatest work yet. 

If I don’t get good reviews, expect to hear from my lawyers!