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PC Patch v1.0.1.1 (Build ID No.5440050)
Release Date September 1, 2020 (PC)
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The goal of this quality of life + bugfix patch is to address a variety of bugs, fix a few unintended changes to Merc, and to make the final fight a bit more engaging and a bit less cheesy.

Gameplay Changes


  • Captain.png Captain
  • Equipment Drone.png Equipment Drone
    • Now recharges equipment much faster, approximately 5x as often. We don’t expect Equipment Drones to suddenly become super strong, but there may be a few cases where it is now worthwhile.
  • SPOILERS! Final Boss, Last Phase. SPOILERS!
    • Developer Notes: The goal with these changes is to make the final phase of the fight more consistent, fix a few softlock scenarios, and to remove a few cheeses. The expectation is that with these changes, the final phase (and only the final phase) will be much easier. We want this to be a fun phase, not a frustrating conclusion
    • Remove “unique” scaling on health and damage. This has a significant reduction on the way his health and damage scales over time, especially later into the run. Expect him to have less than half of the current live build, depending on time.
    • Lunar Shard Attack
      • Projectile Cone: 20° ⇒ 0.5°
      • Developer Notes: The intent for this change is to reduce the cone that the attacks come out of, reducing the chance you randomly get hit by a stray shot.
    • Energy Ball Attack
      • Damage Coefficient: 1000% ⇒ 700%
      • Knockback Force: 400 ⇒ 4000%
      • Projectile Radius: 3m ⇒ 2m
      • Now glows with a stronger effect to make it more visually noticeable, especially when swinging around corners
    • Item Steal
      • Add immunity while channeling.
      • Can no longer use Mired Urn.png Mired UrnBgBoss.pngMired Urn.pngSiphon health from nearby enemies while in combat.
        While in combat, the nearest 1 (+1 per stack) enemies to you within 13m will be 'tethered' to you, dealing 100% damage per second, applying tar, and healing you for 100% of the damage dealt.
        and Crowbar.png CrowbarsBgCommon.pngCrowbar.pngDeal bonus damage to enemies above 90% health.
        Deal +75% (+75% per stack) damage to enemies above 90% health.
        . He will take them, but will be unable to use them. This is a mechanic we already have in place for a few key items (Razorwire.png RazorwireBgUncommon.pngRazorwire.pngRetaliate in a burst of razors on taking damage.
        Getting hit causes you to explode in a burst of razors, dealing 160% damage. Hits up to 5 (+2 per stack) targets in a 25m (+10m per stack) radius
        , Tougher Times.png Tougher TimesBgCommon.pngTougher Times.pngChance to block incoming damage.
        15% (+15% per stack) chance to block incoming damage. Unaffected by luck.
        ) that can cause softlocks or impossible scenarios.
      • Now steals items from minions, like Engineer Turret.png Engineer Turrets. He won’t use the items he takes from minions.
      • Minions can now retrieve items for their owner.
    • Add visual effect to Unstable Tesla Coil.png Tesla CoilBgLegendary.pngUnstable Tesla Coil.pngShock all nearby enemies every 10 seconds.
      Fire out lightning that hits 3 (+2 per stack) enemies for 200% base damage every 0.5s. The Tesla Coil switches off every 10 seconds.
      being active

Bug Fixes


  • Fix certain network prediction projectiles appearing to bounce off targets instead of disappearing as intended
  • Fix Mercenary.png Mercenary’s Blinding Assault.png Blinding Assault duration scaling from attack speed
  • Fix Mercenary.png Mercenary’s Blinding Assault.png Blinding Assault having missing iframes on startup
  • Reduce Mercenary.png Mercenary’s Blinding Assault.png Blinding Assault hitpause duration to 0.1 from 0.15 to match pre-1.0 hitpause values
  • Fix Gorag's Opus.png Gorag’s OpusBgEquipment.pngGorag's Opus.png45sYou and all your allies enter a frenzy.
    All allies enter a frenzy for 7 seconds. Increases movement speed by 50% and attack speed by 100%.
    not working on Captain.png Captain, Engineer.png Engi, or Equipment Drone.png Equipment Drones
  • Fix the fog on the Commencement.png last stage being entirely opaque if soft particles are disabled
  • Fix Captain.png Captain’s Orbital Probe.png airstrike dealing 1500%/500%/500% damage into dealing 1000%/1000%/1000% damage
  • Fix Wandering Vagrant.png Wandering Vagrant’s portrait having a double red outline
  • Fix Forgive Me Please.png Forgive Me PleaseBgEquipment.pngForgive Me Please.png45sThrow a cursed doll that repeatedly triggers your 'On Kill' effects.
    Throw a cursed doll out that triggers any On-Kill effects you have every 1 second for 8 seconds.
    not triggering Frost Relic.png Frost RelicBgLegendary.pngFrost Relic.pngKilling enemies surrounds you with an ice storm.
    Killing an enemy surrounds you with an ice storm that deals 1200% damage per second and slows enemies by 80% for 1.5s. The storm grows with every kill, increasing its radius by 2m. Stacks up to 18m (+12m per stack).
  • Fix Forgive Me Please.png Forgive Me PleaseBgEquipment.pngForgive Me Please.png45sThrow a cursed doll that repeatedly triggers your 'On Kill' effects.
    Throw a cursed doll out that triggers any On-Kill effects you have every 1 second for 8 seconds.
    not triggering Berzerker's Pauldron.png Berzerker’s PauldronsBgUncommon.pngBerzerker's Pauldron.pngEnter a frenzy after killing 4 enemies in quick succession.
    Killing 4 enemies within 1 second sends you into a frenzy for 6s (+4s per stack). Increases movement speed by 50% and attack speed by 100%.
  • Fix Loader.png Loader Thunder Gauntlet.png Thunder Gauntlet not bouncing
  • Remove luck from Artifact Key.png Artifact KeyBgBoss.pngArtifact Key.pngA stone shard with immense power. drop calculation since it can cause soft-locks with Purity.png PurityBgLunar.pngPurity.pngReduce your skill cooldowns by 2 seconds. You are unlucky.
    All skill cooldowns are reduced by 2 (+1 per stack) seconds. All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for an unfavorable outcome.
  • Consumed Dio's Best Friend.png Dio’sBgLegendary.pngDio's Best Friend.pngCheat death. Consumed on use.
    Upon death, this item will be consumed and you will return to life with 3 seconds of invulnerability.
    is now considered unremovable, and the scrapper no longer gets clogged if somehow there is an untiered item inserted
  • Update some missing people in special thanks
  • Fix dedicated servers not showing in game browser
  • Fix game browser trying to connect to dedicated servers via steam p2p instead of ip
  • Fix incorrect boss track on Sky Meadow.png Sky Meadows
  • Fix Stone Titan.png Titan eye glow and foliage missing
  • Fix Captain.png Captain’s shocking beacon missing name when pinged
  • Fix unchecking "Show Started Games" in the Games Browser still showing started games
  • Fix scrap interaction with cauldrons
  • Fix Visions of Heresy.png Visions of HeresyBgLunar.pngVisions of Heresy.pngReplace your Primary Skill with 'Hungering Gaze'.
    Replace your Primary Skill with Hungering Gaze.

    Fire a flurry of tracking shards that detonate after a delay, dealing 120% base damage. Hold up to 12 charges (+12 per stack) that reload after 2 seconds (+2 per stack).
    interacting with Captain.png Captain’s orbital drop
  • Fix Captain.png Captain getting a new defense drone every time he scraps
  • Fix REX.png REX being executed by freezes
    [ Freezing ]
    Freeze enemies in place. Frozen enemies are instantly killed if below 30% health.
  • Fix Prismatic Trials counting your run in leaderboards when you die
  • Fix Sentient Meat Hook.png Meat HookBgLegendary.pngSentient Meat Hook.pngChance to hook all nearby enemies.
    20% (+20% per stack) chance on hit to fire homing hooks at up to 10 (+5 per stack) enemies for 100% TOTAL damage.
    causing a cascade of issues, preventing certain on-hit effects from working when it would trigger
  • Fix Shadowfade.png Shadowfade not being usable by Captain.png Captain in hidden realms
  • Fix “Killed by: The Planet” for players who weren’t dead at the end of the run
  • Fix Mercenary.png Merc expose
    [ Expose ]
    Hitting Exposed enemies reduces all skill cooldowns by 1.0s and deals an additional +350% damage.
    mechanic not awarding cooldown reduction to non-host players over the network
  • Fix Captain.png Captain Vengeanceumbra only spawning one Captain.png Captain with SwarmsSwarms
  • Fix Captain.png Captain showing up in logbook before Commando.png commando
  • Fix Mithrix.png Final Boss health bar not showing for clients (including phase 2)
  • Fix Mithrix.png final boss fight sometimes not triggering
  • Fix Little Disciple.png Little DiscipleBgBoss.pngLittle Disciple.pngFire tracking wisps while sprinting.
    Fire a tracking wisp for 300% (+300% per stack) damage. Fires every 1.6 seconds while sprinting. Fire rate increases with movement speed.
    always triggering once as soon as it’s picked up, regardless of sprint state
  • Fix Imp Overlord.png Imp Overlord void spike fan firing sound not playing on non-host machines
  • Fix Imp Overlord.png Imp Overlord void spike fan chosen animation not being the same over the network
  • Fix missing out-of-bound floor under the starting room for the Commencement.png final stage
  • Fix Lunar Chimera (Wisp).png Lunar Chimera (Wisp) sound loop still playing after death
  • Fix a floating node in Sky Meadow.png Sky Meadows
  • Fix a gap in the final boss arena causing you to get stuck
  • Fix the ceiling in the final boss arena not being solid for projectiles and Lunar Chimera (Wisp).png Lunar Chimera (Wisp)
  • Fix Void Fields.png Void Fields safe zones on Eclipse2.png Eclipse 2 being larger than the actual charging radius
  • Fix Server Browser not refreshing by default, only shows 1 person when you click it for the first time
  • Fix custom languages from appearing in the main menu dropdown if they are missing essential files
  • Fix MUL-T.png MUL-T’s Rebar Puncher.png Rebar Puncher effect leaving behind objects that aren’t cleaned up until scene exit
  • Fix Milky Chrysalis.png Milky ChrysalisBgEquipment.pngMilky Chrysalis.png60sGain temporary flight.
    Sprout wings and fly for 15 seconds. Gain +20% movement speed for the duration.
    flight not being refreshed if used while in exhaustion descent
  • Fix Void Reaver.png Void Reaver death chain reactions
  • Fix Forgive Me Please.png Forgive Me PleaseBgEquipment.pngForgive Me Please.png45sThrow a cursed doll that repeatedly triggers your 'On Kill' effects.
    Throw a cursed doll out that triggers any On-Kill effects you have every 1 second for 8 seconds.
    not animating or playing effects on non-host machines
  • Healing numbers are properly green