The Old War Stealthkit is a new item in Risk of Rain 2.

The chance to turn on invisible is based on the percentage of max health and max shield the damage dealt, 1% damage = 1% chance to activate. This chance is affected by the 57 Leaf Clover.


Order:  Misc. OW Artifacts (47)
Tracking Number: 01******
Estimated Delivery: 08/13/2056
Shipping Method: Priority
Shipping Address: National Old War Musuem, New Orleans, Earth
Shipping Details:

We've managed to round up all the local Old War artifacts that we could find. A lot of interesting things here: rifles, rations, pamphlets. We even found a prototype stealthkit in fantastic condition; that could be a great centerpiece for your exhibit.

However, a slight issue: in transit, the truck hit a pothole and jostled all the ship. It seemed to have actually activated the stealth drive - some strange short-circuit - and our team can't actually confirm the location of the stealthkit. It should be in one of the boxes - we will be expecting the commission to include the stealthkit.

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