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Monsters are hostile entities and serve as the main threat to Survivors. There are 35 monsters currently in the game, and information about them can be viewed in the Logbook.

Bosses (not to be confused with Teleporter Boss) are a category of monster with much higher health and damage output, and are as such more threatening to the player than most regular monsters.

Any given monster has a 1% chance to drop its Monster Log if any player in the party has not yet acquired that entry. If the monster is a Teleporter Boss, Special Boss, or Horde of Many, this drop chance is 3% instead. These drop chances are affected by the 57 Leaf Clover.png 57 Leaf CloverBgLegendary.png57 Leaf Clover.pngLuck is on your side.
All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for a favorable outcome.
and/or Purity.png PurityBgLunar.pngPurity.pngReduce your skill cooldowns by 2 seconds. You are unlucky.
All skill cooldowns are reduced by 2 (+1 per stack) seconds. All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for an unfavorable outcome.
of the player that defeats the monster.

Regular Monsters


Special Bosses

These bosses do not normally appear, and have special requirements for spawning.

Other Monsters


Monster Health Regen Damage Speed Armor
Alloy Vulture.png Alloy Vulture 140 +42 0/s 15 +3 3 m/s 0
Beetle.png Beetle 80 +24 0/s 12 +2.4 6 m/s 0
Beetle Guard.png Beetle Guard 480 +144 0/s 12 +2.4 17 m/s 0
Bighorn Bison.png Bighorn Bison 480 +144 0/s 12 +2.4 3 m/s 0
Brass Contraption.png Brass Contraption 300 +90 0/s 10 +2 10 m/s 0
Clay Templar.png Clay Templar 700 +210 0/s 16 +3.2 6 m/s 0
Elder Lemurian.png Elder Lemurian 900 +270 0/s 16 +3.2 13 m/s 0
Greater Wisp.png Greater Wisp 750 +225 0/s 13 +3 7 m/s 0
Hermit Crab.png Hermit Crab 100 +30 0.6/s +0.12 12 +2.4 10 m/s 0
Imp.png Imp 140 +42 0.6/s +0.12 10 +2 10 m/s 0
Jellyfish.png Jellyfish 60 +18 0/s 5 +1 10 m/s 0
Lemurian.png Lemurian 80 +24 0/s 12 +2.4 7 m/s 0
Lesser Wisp.png Lesser Wisp 35 +10 0/s 3.5 +0.7 6 m/s 0
Lunar Chimera (Exploder).png Lunar Chimera (Exploder) 180 +54 0/s 11 +2.2 8 m/s 0
Lunar Chimera (Golem).png Lunar Chimera (Golem) 1615 +485 1.5/s +0.3 35 +7 8 m/s 0
Lunar Chimera (Wisp).png Lunar Chimera (Wisp) 850 +255 0/s 15 +3 18 m/s 0
Mini Mushrum.png Mini Mushrum 290 +87 0.6/s +0.12 16 +3.2 2 m/s 0
Parent.png Parent 585 +176 0/s 16 +3.2 11 m/s 0
Solus Probe.png Solus Probe 220 +66 0/s 15 +3 10 m/s 10
Stone Golem.png Stone Golem 480 +144 0/s 20 +4 6.6 m/s 0
Void Reaver.png Void Reaver 1900 +570 0/s 12 +2.4 6 m/s 10
Beetle Queen.png Beetle Queen 2100 +630 0/s 25 +5 6 m/s 20
Clay Dunestrider.png Clay Dunestrider 2100 +630 0/s 20 +4 9 m/s 20
Grandparent.png Grandparent 3625 +1088 0/s 26 +5.2 0 m/s 20
Grovetender.png Grovetender 2800 +840 0/s 23 +4.6 10 m/s 20
Imp Overlord.png Imp Overlord 2800 +840 0/s 16 +3.2 13 m/s 20
Magma Worm.png Magma Worm 2400 +720 0/s 10 +2 20 m/s 15
Overloading Worm.png Overloading Worm 12000 +3600 0/s 50 +10 20 m/s 15
Scavenger.png Scavenger 3800 +1140 2/s +0.4 4 +0.8 3 m/s 20
Solus Control Unit.png Solus Control Unit 2500 +750 0/s 15 +3 7 m/s 20
Stone Titan.png Stone Titan 2100 +630 0/s 40 +8 5 m/s 20
Wandering Vagrant.png Wandering Vagrant 2100 +630 0/s 6.5 +1.3 6 m/s 15
Alloy Worship Unit.png Alloy Worship Unit 2500 +750 0/s 15 +3 7 m/s 30
Aurelionite.png Aurelionite 2100 +630 0/s 40 +8 5 m/s 20
Mithrix.png Mithrix 1400 +420 0/s 16 +3.2 15 m/s 20
Twisted Scavenger.png Twisted Scavenger 3230 +969 2/s +0.4 4 +0.8 3 m/s 20
Beetle Guard (Ally).png Beetle Guard (Ally) 960 +288 1.5/s +0.3 48 +9.6 17 m/s 0
Malachite Urchin.png Malachite Urchin 250 +75 0/s 18 +3.6 0 m/s 100


Elite monsters are similar to their basic comrades, but they have a different color, head adornment, extra health, and added abilities. They can be easily recognized by their altered appearance and a symbol on their health bar.

Elite monsters have a very small chance to drop their Elite buff as an Equipment. The drop chance for this is 0.025%, or 1 in 4000. This is affected by 57 Leaf Clover.png 57 Leaf CloverBgLegendary.png57 Leaf Clover.pngLuck is on your side.
All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for a favorable outcome.
and Purity.png PurityBgLunar.pngPurity.pngReduce your skill cooldowns by 2 seconds. You are unlucky.
All skill cooldowns are reduced by 2 (+1 per stack) seconds. All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for an unfavorable outcome.

There are two main tiers of Elite monsters. Tier 1 consists of the Blazing, Glacial and Overloading Elites, who have 4 times the health and 2 times the damage of a normal variation of that monster, and Tier 2 consists of the Malachite and Celestine Elites who have 18 times the health and 6 times the damage. Tier 2 Elites only appear after looping. Additionally, there is a "Lunar Tier" of Elites that consists only of Perfected Elites. Only enemies tagged as Lunar can be Perfected, and these monsters cannot spawn as any other Elite type. Like Tier 1 Elites, Perfected monsters have 2 times the health and 2 times the damage.

All monsters can be Elite, even Bosses, except for Magma Worm.png Magma Worms, Overloading Worm.png Overloading Worms, and Twisted Scavenger.png Twisted Scavengers. See also the notes.


  • Red Elites receive a "Status AffixRed.png Blazing" name prefix, are colored red and/or orange, and have curved ibex-like horns.
  • They leave behind a fiery trail that deals 150% damage per second on contact.
  • Their attacks Status OnFire.png Ignite their targets for 4 seconds, dealing up to 20% of the target's combined health in damage. See damage over time.
  • Equipment item: Ifrit's Distinction.png Ifrit's DistinctionBgEquipment.pngIfrit's Distinction.pngBecome an aspect of fire.


  • Blue Elites receive an "Status AffixBlue.png Overloading" name prefix, are colored blue, and have two short horns on their forehead.
  • 50% of their health is replaced by shields that rapidly recharge 7 seconds after they've stopped taking damage.
  • Their attacks attach a bomb to the target, which explodes after 1.5 seconds for 50% total damage in a 4m radius. This is unaffected by proc coefficients.
  • Equipment item: Silence Between Two Strikes.png Silence Between Two StrikesBgEquipment.pngSilence Between Two Strikes.pngBecome an aspect of lightning.


  • White Elites receive a "Status AffixWhite.png Glacial" name prefix, are colored white and/or light blue/cyan, and have a crown of crystals around their head.
  • Their attacks apply an Status Slow80.png 80% Slow on hit for 1.5 seconds. See Movement Speed and Status Effects.
  • On death, they leave behind an ice bomb that explodes after 2 seconds. The explosion hurts all players in its radius for 150% base damage and freezes them for 1.5 seconds.
  • Equipment item: Her Biting Embrace.png Her Biting EmbraceBgEquipment.pngHer Biting Embrace.pngBecome an aspect of ice.


  • Poison Elites receive a "Status AffixPoison.png Malachite" name prefix, are colored blackish green like Malachite crystals, and have slender spikes on their heads. Blackish green particles are also present in a large area around them.
  • Their attacks Status HealingDisabled.png disable the target's healing for 8 seconds.
  • They release 3-9 spiked balls every 6 seconds, which explode for 100% damage in a 7m radius and sprout spike pits where they land, which also do 100% damage on contact.
  • On death, they spawn a Malachite Urchin.png Malachite Urchin that shoots spikes at the player until it expires.
  • Equipment item: N'kuhana's Retort.png N'kuhana's RetortBgEquipment.pngN'kuhana's Retort.pngBecome an aspect of corruption.


  • Haunted Elites receive a "Status AffixHaunted.png Celestine" name prefix, are colored sky blue like Celestine crystals, and have a circlet floating over their head.
  • They create a large spherical aura around themselves that grantsStatus AffixHauntedRecipient.png invisibility to non-Celestine monsters within. Monsters that are invisible can still be attacked and damaged.
  • Their attacks apply an Status Slow80.png 80% Slow on hit for 3 seconds. See Movement Speed and Status Effects.
  • Equipment item: Spectral Circlet.png Spectral CircletBgEquipment.pngSpectral Circlet.pngBecome an aspect of incorporeality.


  • Perfected Elites receive the "Status AffixLunar.png Perfected" name prefix and have a white halo above their head. These Elites only appear on Commencement or during a Lunar Chimera Family Event.
  • 100% of their health is replaced by shields that rapidly recharge 7 seconds after they've stopped taking damage.
  • Their attacks apply the Status Cripple.png Cripple debuff for 3 seconds, reducing the armor and movement speed of any player hit.
  • Every 10 seconds, they fire a barrage of 4 projectiles that deal 30% damage each.
  • Equipment item: Shared Design.png Shared DesignBgEquipment.pngShared Design.pngBecome an aspect of perfection.


  • The Overloading Worm.png Overloading Worm is not regarded as an Overloading Elite version of the Magma Worm.png Magma Worm. They are similar, but separate species.
  • Elite status does not confer any immunities, resistances, or armor additions.
  • Glacial Elites' on-death explosion can be Tougher Times.png blockedBgCommon.pngTougher Times.pngChance to block incoming damage.
    15% (+15% per stack) chance to block incoming damage. Unaffected by luck.
  • Despite their Status AffixHauntedRecipient.png invisibility, enemies within a Celestine Elites' sphere can still be targeted by most attacks that have automatic targeting, such as Huntress.png Huntress's attacks.

Version History

PC Patch v1.1.1.2
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed AI sometimes getting position updates on invisible characters more frequently than intended

Anniversary Update
  • Major Content
  • Gameplay Changes
    • NPC AI
      • All AI now have dramatically improved pathfinding
      • All AI now gets position updates on targets who are invisible only every few seconds, rather than losing the target entirely
    • Scavenger.png Scavenger
      • Now properly spawn as elites
        Developer Notes: Apparently, Scavengers were already spawning as elites - with their health and damage buff - but did not have their elite equipment (Burning, Glacial, etc). Now they will.
  • Quality of Life
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed several monsters playing death sounds and creating the usual visual effects when vanished by Void Reaver.png Void Reavers

PC Patch v1.0.2.0
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed monsters revived via Dio's Best Friend.png Dio’s Best FriendBgLegendary.pngDio's Best Friend.pngCheat death. Consumed on use.
      Upon death, this item will be consumed and you will return to life with 3 seconds of invulnerability.
      potentially respawning into out-of-bounds kill zones that make them miss the trigger, never die again, and potentially cause a softlock in this way if they are a boss

Early Access Content Update 5
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Status AffixRed.png Blazing, Status AffixBlue.png Overloading, Status AffixWhite.png Glacial
      • 🌧Health Bonus: 470% ⇒ 400%
    • Status AffixPoison.png Malachite, Status AffixHaunted.png Celestine
      • 🌧Health Bonus: 2350% ⇒ 1800%
        Developer Notes: We’ve had a lot of feedback that elite health has always felt a bit bloated - and that subsequently, it makes the Old Guillotine feel required. Our intent is to make characters less reliant on the Old Guillotine, and to make it feel more like an elite hate item - and less of an overall DPS item.

Early Access Artifacts Content Update
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Initial Monster Spawns
      • 🌧 Allow initial monster spawns on the first stage
      • Update spawn logic so initial monsters spawns aren’t nearby players
      • Update spawn logic to allow elite monsters
  • Quality of Life
    • 🌧 Update AI so they don’t strafe off cliffs as much
    • Update AI pathfinding so they are less likely to backtrack to positions along their path that they overshot
    • Update Boss position indicators to show a fading marker when reentering the center of the screen to help locate bosses behind objects
  • Bug Fixes

Early Access Hidden Realms Content Update

PC Early Access Patch (Build ID No.4233443)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix flying AI wandering towards the ground

Early Access 'Skills 2.0' Content Update
  • Major Content and Changes
    • Added Elite: Status AffixHaunted.png Celestine
      • Celestine are new high-tier elites that only spawn late into the game, similarly to Status AffixPoison.png Malachite elites.
      • New unique visuals and SFX that signifies a Status AffixHaunted.png Celestine elite has entered the stage
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Status AffixPoison.png Malachite
      • 🌧︎ Health Bonus Percentage: 2820% ⇒ 2350%

Early Access Scorched Acres Content Update
  • Major Content and Changes
    • Added New Elite: Status AffixPoison.png Malachite
      • Malachites are new high-tier elites that only spawns late. Possesses a number of unique abilities - including disabling your healing…
      • New unique visuals and SFX that signifies a Malachite elite has entered the stage

Early Access Patch (Build ID No.3731106)
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Status AffixRed.png **Fire Elites**
      • [Community Suggestion] Rework burning calculation with unique new Status OnFire.png burning damage type
      • Number of stacks of Burning on the player are now visible in the buff bar.
      • Burning is now capped at 5% of your health a second PER stack. Just to be clear - this is a nerf. It'll always hit for less this patch.
      • Now ticks at twice the frequency (but same overall damage).
      • This damage type has also now been applied to the Magma Worm's impact and fireball damage, alongside Elder Lemurian's fire breath
      • The intent here is to make it clear to the player what exactly a burn DOES, regardless of how it's applied. Players never were told by the game that burning actually stacks. If you have a certain number of burn stacks, you will now be aware of exactly how much that will hit for. Overall this should make the burns way less bursty and way more consistent, also allowing heal over time effects to help counteract the damage. The intent is NOT to make the entire game easier, or to make burns never kill you. Fire elites are the only purely offensive elite-type, so they should be causing deaths. It should just feel less BS now.
    • Status AffixWhite.png **Ice Elites**
      • Rework ice bomb
      • Improve graphics for ice bomb left when killed to be more clear.
      • Ice bomb damage reduced from 350% to 150%
      • Ice bomb damage is no longer reduced at the edge of the radius
      • Ice bomb now FREEZES characters in the radius for 1.5s
      • *Fire elites have always been the most threatening type, with the other 2 being pretty easy. The hope here is that after the nerf of the Fire affix, the Ice affix can now also be respected as a serious threat. The improved visuals should help clarify what the ice affix actually does - most players don't seem to notice it drops a bomb at all. We're starting with a low freeze duration to test how it feels.*
    • Status AffixBlue.png **Lightning Elites**
      • Lightning bombs from Lightning Elites now properly attach to players.
      • Lightning elites now always spawn at full shields
      • Improve lightning bomb graphics
  • Bug Fixes
    • Update Elite naming for localization and appearance in pings


  • Monsters can get stuck on a Shrine of Combat or Shrine of Chance, where they then jump up and down repeatedly, dance around it, or stand completely still. This is due to their pathfinding not knowing how to get down from the Shrine.