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Mithrix - Logbook Model.jpg
King of Nothing
Health 1000 (+300 per level)
Damage 16 (+3.2 per level)
Speed 15 m/s
Armor 20 (Plus Adaptive Armor)

Mithrix is the final boss of the game found in Commencement, the final stage.

Mithrix is the brother of Providence, the final boss of the first game; the two's relationship is detailed throughout many of the game's logs, many from Mithrix's perspective, including those for Brittle Crown.pngBrittle CrownBgLunar.pngBrittle Crown.pngGain gold on hit... BUT lose gold on getting hit.
30% chance on hit to gain 2 (+2 per stack) gold. Scales over time.

Lose gold on taking damage equal to 100% (+100% per stack) of the maximum health percentage you lost.
, A Moment, Fractured, Bulwark's Ambry and more.

Skills & Behavior[edit | edit source]

Adaptive Armor[edit | edit source]

During phases 1 and 3 of the fight, Mithrix has the Adaptive Armor passive which protects him against bursts of damage. Every time Mithrix takes damage, he will gain temporary armor equal to 3000 * (damage / maxHP), in other words, 30 armor per % of his max HP dealt. This temporary armor caps at 400 and decays at a rate of 40/s.

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Mithrix will start by doing his basic attacks, which consist of running around, dashing while swiping with his hammer for 200% damage, smashing the ground with his hammer causing an explosion for 1200% damage (with damage falloff) and an additional 1200% damage on a direct hit (the hitbox is fairly small), and running at the player while firing up to 12 needles for 60% damage each. He can also jump into the air of the center of the stage and slam down, causing a 360 shock-wave around the stage which deals 400% damage. Also decrease movement speed by 50-80% if hit by the shock wave. The wave ends when it reaches the thin line made of rocks between the platform where he is first seen.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

Terrain changes (several stone pillars rise up) and several Lunar Chimera Golems and Lunar Chimera Wisps are summoned which must be defeated. Mithrix is not present during this phase while new chimeras are occasionally summoned.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

Mithrix comes back with more powerful and different attacks, occasionally summoning Lunar Chimera Golems and, more rarely, Lunar Chimera Wisps. His moveset is similar to the first phase but the attacks have additional effects to them. He also gets more aggressive and attacks more often. His slam leaves a lingering pillar of flames that deals 150% damage per tick and sends 3 small, directional shockwaves similar to the shockwaves from the ground pound attack, dealing 200% damage and applying the Cripple debuff. Mithrix also gains an additional attack, in which he will summon moving lines of flame that spin around him and explode after short delay, dealing 900% damage and applying Crippled. This attack is repeated 4 times.

Phase 4[edit | edit source]

Mithrix steals all players' items and gains their buffs. Damaging him will release the items, one by one in reverse order. He will fire a burst of projectiles similar to those fired by using Visions of Heresy, slowly stomping around the battlefield. He will also occasionally kneel and fire fast travelling orbs for 400% damage in eight directions, simultaneously dealing 8% of his current health in damage to himself.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Once Mithrix is defeated all taken items are returned, the Moon will begin a detonation sequence with an on-screen countdown. A shuttle will fly in along with a pair of TC-280 drones, and the surviving players have 4 minutes to get to the shuttle in order to escape. Lines of flames will appear, similar to the columns used by some of Mithrix' attacks. Void Reavers will also spawn and attack the player.

Successfully making it to the shuttle will complete the Washed Away challenge and unlock the Captain as a playable Survivor, and, on Monsoon difficulty, will complete the The Calm challenge and unlock Purity.pngPurityBgLunar.pngPurity.pngReduce your skill cooldowns by 2 seconds. You are unlucky.
All skill cooldowns are reduced by 2 (+1 per stack) seconds. All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for an unfavorable outcome.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Mithrix cannot climb the pillars that appear on phase 2, so if you manage to climb them and do only ranged attacks, the third and fourth phases will be very easy. The ranged attack on phases 3 and 4 can be easily dodged from higher ground too.
  • Mithrix will take but not use any Tougher Times.pngTougher TimesBgCommon.pngTougher Times.pngChance to block incoming damage.
    15% (+15% per stack) chance to block incoming damage. Unaffected by luck.
    , Crowbar.pngCrowbarBgCommon.pngCrowbar.pngDeal more damage to healthy enemies.
    Deal 150% (+50% per stack) damage to enemies above 90% health.
    , Razorwire.pngRazorwireBgUncommon.pngRazorwire.pngRetaliate in a burst of razors on taking damage.
    Getting hit causes you to explode in a burst of razors, dealing 160% damage. Hits up to 5 (+2 per stack) targets in a 25m (+10m per stack) radius
    or Mired Urn.pngMired UrnBgBoss.pngMired Urn.pngSiphon health from nearby characters while in combat.
    While in combat, the nearest 1 (+1 per stack) characters to you within 13m will be 'tethered' to you, dealing 100% damage per second, applying tar, and healing you for 100% of the damage dealt.
    during phase 4.
  • Mithrix will not take Spinel Tonic.pngTonic AfflictionsBgLunar.pngSpinel Tonic.png60sGain a massive boost to ALL stats. Chance to gain an affliction that reduces ALL stats.
    Drink the Tonic, gaining a boost for 20 seconds. Increases damage by +100%. Increases attack speed by +70%. Increases armor by +20. Increases maximum health by +50%. Increases passive health regeneration by +300%. Increases movespeed by +30%.

    When the Tonic wears off, you have a 20% chance to gain a Tonic Affliction, reducing all of your stats by -5% (-5% per stack).
    during phase 4.
  • Mithrix will take and use the Captain's Defensive Microbots.pngDefensive MicrobotsBgLegendary.pngDefensive Microbots.pngShoot down nearby projectiles. Recharge rate scales with attack speed.
    Shoot down 1 (+1 per stack) projectiles within 20m every 0.5 seconds. Recharge rate scales with attack speed.
    as well as any Medkits during phase 4, making the fight significantly harder until they are recovered.
  • Mithrix will take and use Dio's Best Friend.pngDio's Best FriendBgLegendary.pngDio's Best Friend.pngCheat death. Consumed on use.
    Upon death, this item will be consumed and you will return to life with 3 seconds of invulnerability.
    during phase 4. However, you will regain an unspent Dio's Best Friend along with all other stolen items upon Mithrix's first death. If you take it back before he dies, he won't gain a second life.
  • Artificer's Snapfreeze and Cast Nano-Spear skills are capable of freezing Mithrix, unlike other bosses.
  • Stacking Shaped Glass.pngShaped GlassBgLunar.pngShaped Glass.pngDouble your damage... BUT halve your health.
    Increase base damage by 100% (+100% per stack). Reduce maximum health by 50% (+50% per stack).
    is another easy way to kill Mithrix, as he will get the reduced HP effect as well. This makes bursting him down very easy.
  • When using SwarmsArtifact of Swarms, two Mithrix will spawn. Players must kill both bosses before they will advance from one phase to the next. However, when one's health is emptied, it will be incapacitated until the next phase.
  • Mithrix, like other Special Bosses, cannot spawn as an Elite, so using the HonorArtifact of Honor in combination with Old Guillotine.pngOld GuillotineBgUncommon.pngOld Guillotine.pngInstantly kill low health Elite monsters.
    Instantly kill Elite monsters below 13% (+13% per stack) health.
    is not a valid strategy to kill him quickly.
  • During escape if you have a Milky Chrysalis.pngMilky ChrysalisBgEquipment.pngMilky Chrysalis.png60sGain temporary flight.
    Sprout wings and fly for 15 seconds. Gain +20% movement speed for the duration.
    and enough movement speed or you are playing Artificer, it is possible to fly to the extraction point.
  • Mithrix steals items from minions, like Engineer Turrets; however he doesn't use them.
  • During phase 4, only attacks with a Proc Coefficient have a chance to return an item.
  • During phase 4, Mithrix will not use his orb attack while his health is above a certain threshold. As long as he has healing items, players can keep his health high to prevent him from using the orb attack until they get more items back.

Lore[edit | edit source]

They knew to stay away from the wells - but they were just kids. And they just wanted to know.

They threw in dirt and stone and kifruit and starseed, watching as they collapsed. Thorp! The gravity wells would swallow up anything. Glass and mud and silver. Wind. Heat. Pulsar radiation.

And when his brother wasn’t watching, Mithrix would throw in worms. Thorp! But only when he wasn’t watching. You see, his brother loved worms. It would make him sad. But Mithrix didn’t care much about worms. He was just curious.

But one time, his brother was watching. And his brother loved worms.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Mithrix will also speak during the fight. His lines can be seen in the chat box.

Toggle Dialogue


  • Pray.
  • Beg.
  • Die.
  • Be slaughtered.

Dealing damage (early phases)

  • Bleed.
  • Now is the time for fear.
  • Weak.
  • Frail - and soft.
  • You are nothing.
  • Mistake.
  • Scream, vermin.
  • Break beneath me.
  • Slow.
  • Your body will shatter.

Dealing damage (late phases)

  • BLEED.
  • FRAIL.
  • BREAK.
  • DRAIN.

Player is killed (early phases)

  • Return to dirt.
  • Submit, vermin.
  • Die, vermin.
  • Die, weakling.
  • Become memories.

Player is killed (late phases)

  • DIE.
  • WEAK.

Mithrix is killed

  • NO... NOT NOW...
  • WHY... WHY NOW...?
  • NO... NO...!
  • BROTHER... HELP ME...!