Mercurial Rachis

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Mercurial Rachis
Mercurial Rachis.png
Randomly create a Ward of Power. ALL characters deal bonus damage while in the Ward.
Creates a Ward of Power in a random location nearby that buffs both enemies and allies within 16m (+50% per stack), causing them to deal +50% damage.
Rarity Lunar
Category Utility
Stat Value Stack Add
Range 16m Linear +50%

The Mercurial Rachis is a new item in Risk of Rain 2.

Lore[edit | edit source]

“The original information super-highway: the spine. A strait-laced path from the body to the brain, it is responsible for ensuring the survival of all life. However, its limitations involve being localized to its parent body. What if - just like the development of the inter-computer wireless network - one’s nervous system could communicate with another? What if the spine traced a path not just from body to mind, but a path that intersects between other bodies and minds?”

- Notes of Job Michaels, Serial Killer and Mad Scientist

Gallery[edit | edit source]