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MUL-T is an aggressive survivor who has the tools necessary for any job!
Health 200 (+60 per level)
Health Regen 1/s (+0.2 per level)
Damage 11 (+2.2 per level)
Speed 7 m/s
Armor 12
Unlock Verified

Umbra Title
Right Tool for the Wrong Job
Ending Phrase
Escaped : ..and so it left, ready to recharge.

Vanished : ..and so it vanished, inactive forever.

MUL-T is a playable character in Risk of Rain 2.

A multi-purpose robot, MUL-T lives up to its designation through its sheer versatility. Slow but highly durable, it possesses the unique ability to select two of four primary weapons and utilize them in two different configurations: either swapping between two weapons and Equipment via Retool, or utilizing two primary weapons at once in the armored Power Mode.

Skills[edit | edit source]



Type Primary
Proc Coefficient 0.6
Description Rapidly fire nails for 70% damage. Finishes with a blast of 12 nails.
  • Fires 12 shots per second, for 840% damage per second.
  • Fires in a corkscrew pattern.
  • Needs 1.152s after releasing the fire button to cool down.
  • The final blast recoils a little.

Rebar Puncher

Rebar Puncher.png
Type Primary
Proc Coefficient 1
Description Fire a piercing rebar that deals 600% damage.
  • Base time between shots is 1.8s, for 333% damage per second.

Scrap Launcher

Scrap Launcher.png
Type Primary
Cooldown 1.5s
Proc Coefficient 1
Description Fire a rocket that explodes for 360% damage. Hold up to 4.
  • Unlocked via the MUL-T: Pest Control Challenge. (As MUL-T, defeat two Beetle Queens without leaving the teleporter zone.)
  • There is a 0.3 second delay after firing each shot before it is possible to fire again. This means it takes 0.9 seconds to fire all 4 shots at base attack speed, if ignoring the delay after the final shot.
  • All 4 shots can be fired and reloaded every 2.4 seconds for 600% damage per second. 960% damage per second or more is unattainable unless the cooldown is reduced.
  • The cooldown begins when the first shot is fired. Subsequent shots reset the cooldown. When the cooldown ends, all 4 shots are reloaded.
  • Enemies that are damaged by the AOE but are not hit by the projectile directly take 90% damage, or 1/4th of the shot's direct power.
  • Travels at 100m/s.
  • Explodes in a 7m radius.


Type Primary
Proc Coefficient 1
Description Saw nearby enemies for 1000% damage per second.
  • Unlocked via the MUL-T: Gotcha! Challenge. (As MUL-T, land the killing blow on an Imp Overlord with the Preon Accumulator.)
  • Deals 100% damage 10 times per second.
  • Slightly pulls you forward whenever you hit a target.

Blast Canister

Blast Canister.png
Type Secondary
Cooldown 6s
Proc Coefficient Canister: 1
Bomblets: 0.3
Description Stunning
[ Stunning ]
Interrupts enemies and briefly stuns them.
. Launch a canister for 220% damage. Drops stun bomblets for 5x44% damage.
  • Holding the key provides an indicator for the projectile arc and radius.

Transport Mode

Transport Mode.png
Type Utility
Cooldown 6s
Proc Coefficient Charge: 1
Ram: 1
Description Heavy
[ Heavy ]
The skill deals more damage the faster you are moving.
. Zoom forward, gaining 200 armor and 220% movement speed. Deals 250% damage to enemies.
  • Grants 200 Armor.
  • Grants up to 45% additional speed.
  • Bonus damage scales linearly with bonus movement speed, including the movement speed granted by Transport Mode.
  • You cannot ram a monster twice in one skill use.
  • Ramming into large enemies will halt the skill and deal an additional attack:
    • Deals four times the original damage (Including bonus damage from movement speed)
    • Stuns the target


Type Special
Cooldown 0.5s
Description Passively hold TWO equipment at once. Activating 'Retool' switches the active Equipment and MUL-T's primary attack.
  • Swapping takes 0.4s
  • As of the Anniversary Update, carrying two equipments and being able to swap them is no longer considered a passive and is now unique to Retool

Power Mode

Power Mode.png
Type Special
Cooldown 5s
Description Enter a heavy stance, equipping both your primary attacks at once. Gain 100 armor, but lose -60% movement speed.
  • Unlocked via the MUL-T: Seventh Day Challenge. (As MUL-T, clear the Void Fields on Stage 7 or later)
  • Due to the way the game calculates slowing, the -60% slow is more like a -30% slow.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Auto-Nailgun experiences damage falloff.
  • With enough attack speed, the recoil of Auto-Nailgun can knock the player back enough to keep them indefinitely in the air. This can also be achieved by carefully timing the final nail burst while wielding double Nailguns with Power Mode.
  • Use Blast Canister as a means of mass stunning to maximize the effectiveness of MUL-T's primaries.
  • Transport Mode's armor also applies to fall damage. Use it before landing to greatly reduce the damage taken.
  • Ramming into a larger enemy such as a Stone Golem.png Stone Golem while in Transport Mode will stun the enemy and instantly end the duration. Smaller enemies won't be stunned, but MUL-T can plow through them to deal damage to everything in an area.
  • Due to the Rebar Puncher's high single shot damage, it synergizes very well with the Crowbar.pngCrowbarBgCommon.pngCrowbar.pngDeal bonus damage to enemies above 90% health.
    Deal +75% (+75% per stack) damage to enemies above 90% health.
    . A couple stacked up can allow the player to defeat even Stone Golem.png Stone Golems in a single shot for a good while, and take a good chunk out of any boss. If going for this build, it is important to remember to avoid purchasing offensive Drones, as they can damage enemies below the threshold for the Crowbar. Damage-over-time effects such as Status Bleeding.png Bleed will also lower the effectiveness of Crowbars.
  • It is possible to rapidly fire Rebar Puncher by equipping it to both the primary and miscellaneous loadout slots and constantly cycling weapons with Retool, effectively reducing the cooldown time between shots by 1.3 seconds. However, it is impossible to constantly hold both keybinds to do so anymore. Hold Rebar Puncher's keybind, but only use Retool after each shot. Doing this will fire faster than holding down primary fire.
    • When doing this, since the cooldown for the Rebar Puncher is bypassed, the attack will not scale with attack speed. However, this method will still remain faster than holding down the primary fire button until the player reaches 360% or more attack speed.
  • The Power-Saw can be used both while sprinting and when Transport Mode is active as long as the primary button is held down. This will also applies while the player is using the Volcanic Egg.pngVolcanic EggBgEquipment.pngVolcanic Egg.png30sTransform into a speeding draconic fireball, dealing damage as you pass through enemies.
    Turn into a draconic fireball for 5 seconds. Deal 500% damage on impact. Detonates at the end for 800% damage.
  • The damage from Power-Saw ticks more times per second with attack speed buffs.
  • Auto-Nailgun will fire its final burst if canceled by entering Transport Mode, but it will not do this if cancelled by using Blast Canister or Retool. Remember to let go before using those skills.
  • The Backup Magazine.pngBackup MagazineBgCommon.pngBackup Magazine.pngAdd an extra charge of your Secondary skill.
    Add +1 (+1 per stack) charge of your Secondary skill.
    is great to increase the amount of Blast Canisters held, making it essential when surrounded by a large group of enemies from either side.
  • While Scrap Launcher's knockback can make it annoying to use against aerial targets, the knockback can also be used to hit flying enemies downwards. Learning to aim and predict where the projectiles will go is key to using Scrap Launcher effectively.
  • The Power-Saw, with its high attack speed and proc chance, is great when combined with items such as Harvester's Scythe.pngHarvester's ScytheBgUncommon.pngHarvester's Scythe.png'Critical Strikes' heal you.
    Gain 5% critical chance. Critical strikes heal for 8 (+4 per stack) health.
    and Tri-Tip Dagger.pngTri-Tip DaggerBgCommon.pngTri-Tip Dagger.pngChance to bleed enemies on hit.
    10% (+10% per stack) chance to bleed an enemy for 240% base damage.
  • Power-Saw pulls MUL-T forwards when striking a target, allowing the player to cling to and strafe around larger enemies.
  • Power Mode effectively doubles the player's DPS and damage output for little cost. Make use of this for great effect. One example is running 2 Power-Saws, which will turn its 1000% DPS and 10 procs per second into 2000% DPS and 20 procs per second.
    • Running 2 Auto-Nailguns helps make up for the low proc coefficient by triggering many on-hit effects from a distance.
  • The spread of the primary weapon while Power Mode is equipped determines the spread of the miscellaneous weapon. For example, equipping the Power-Saw as the primary and Auto-Nailgun as the miscellaneous will result in the Auto-Nailgun having the same spread as the Power-Saw. Equipping Rebar Puncher as the primary will also result in reduced spread, but the effect is not as noticeable as the Power-Saw's. Using the Scrap Launcher as the primary seems to have no effect on spread, and having the Auto-Nailgun as the primary has no effect on spread. This mechanic can allow for more accurate bursts of Auto-Nailgun fire, or more controllable Scrap Launcher rockets. Consider this when choosing a loadout.
  • The Essence of Heresy.pngEssence of HeresyBgLunar.pngEssence of Heresy.pngReplace your Special Skill with 'Ruin'.
    Replace your Special Skill with Ruin.

    Dealing damage adds a stack of Ruin for 10 (+10 per stack) seconds. Activating the skill detonates all Ruin stacks at unlimited range, dealing 300% damage plus 120% damage per stack of Ruin. Recharges after 8 (+8 per stack) seconds.
    replaces Retool; this makes MUL-T's second primary attack and second equipment inaccessible, unless the player uses a Cleansing Pool or Shrine of Order to remove or transform the Essence of Heresy. Entering a new area automatically equips MUL-T's first primary attack, regardless of which primary was currently in use when first collecting the Essence.

Lore[edit | edit source]

"OK. Everything checks out. You're free to go, pal."

The robot chirped in acknowledgement. It folded neatly unto itself and began rolling down the hangar's exit lane - at a very safe pace.

Hiroshi pulled a switch. The ceiling rail sprung to life, with a distinct mechanical chatter.

"So, what's wrong with this one?" Rico enquired with minimal interest, seemingly distracted by the novel he had buried himself in.

"Looks like cosmetic damage on a MUL-T unit. Got dinged up by another unit in the charging bay that malfunctioned after another power surge. We'll be checking that one out after this. You can thank the electrical crew for that." Hiroshi remarked, either completely disinterested in Rico's disinterest.

"Great. How hard is it for them to just keep things stable? They have robots doing 90% of their job anyway." Rico scoffed.

"We've got complaints on this unit about poor welding jobs, which might've been the cause. Optical calibration is probably off, so we'll also be taking a look at that while it's here. I'd still put money on it being electrical not keeping up with maintenance. Hey, Rico! Would you put that down and help me out?"

The rail brought a bright yellow robot, slumbering, into the hangar. Hiroshi flipped the switch and the rail slowed to a halt, bringing with it silence. He began moving to unhook the robot. Reluctantly, Rico set his book on the work desk and started to help unload. In a few minutes the robot was on the service platform.

Hiroshi walked over to one of the tool cabinets and pulled out a strange device. He popped open the access panel to the unit's dented head, and began probing at the damage from the opposite side. In no time at all, the tool beeped and kicked back violently. The dent was gone.

"Go put this away while I fix the optics," Hiroshi said, one arm stretched behind his back, device in hand. "I have something I want to show you in a sec."

Rico grunted and took the de-denting tool back to the cabinet. Hiroshi was already soldering away with the iron from his pocket.

This caught Rico's interest. 

"You don't need a soldering iron to fix the calibration. What are you doing?" he asked.

"I already fixed the optics. Remember when I said I wanted to show you something cool - the next time we got a MUL-T in the shop? Come here." said Hiroshi, gesturing. "You see these two chips? It’s actually just one chip that's been split. MUL-T’s come with the same cores as those fancy chef bots, but they cut off access to the main learning module."

"You don't say," Rico responded, still trying to see the chip Hiroshi was talking about. "Why'd they do something like that?"

"It's cheaper to just make all the cores the same way at the factory and alter them later. The manufacturer says it's for safety, but they just use it to sell you the new cores every few years instead of letting you just teach the units to do a new job." Hiroshi explained.

"Sounds about right. If it were a safety issue, why don't they do the same thing with the chef bots? They've been super stable. Can't say they've even ever got an order wrong, even if it's totally out there. They even managed to get Ma's Squid Risotto right."

"It's what they can get away with. Anyway, that should do it. We'll just sneak a few minutes with this guy. Wake up," he commanded.

The robot's relaxed posture disappeared, and it stood fully alert.

"Hey pal, you see this thing I'm doing with my hand? Can you do that?"

The robot mimicked a rude gesture.

"That's fantastic! You're doing great!" Hiroshi was excited, and Rico got a devilish grin. He rushed off to his desk. Hiroshi continued repeating the gesture, and the robot continued mimicking it back with its single functional hand. Rico stepped back into the robot's view, with a picture covered in holes. "Can you remember this man? This is Ron from corporate, and he's a total degenerate."

The robot beeped in affirmation.

"Can you do that next time you see this man?"

The robot beeped in affirmation again.

"Rico! He's gonna remember that! MUL-T, forget that."

The robot did not respond.

"What are you two up to now?" said a grating voice, clearly approaching from no discernable direction. In a panic, Hiroshi slapped the access panel on the unit's head closed and covered its optical sensor.

"Just fixing up robots! Doing our job! In fact, we just finished with this one. You're good to go, pal!" Hiroshi exclaimed to Ron, slapping the robot on the back. The machine folded up neatly into itself and began rolling down the hangar's exit lane.

"I see. I'd better not catch you two slacking again." Ron said sternly, before turning around and making his usual relieving exit – most likely to pester other workers on his route.

They both let out a sigh of relief. Rico stood up. "Well, we're due at the site in about… 13 hours. That's enough time to grab that MUL-T, pop it back open, and reset it."

Hiroshi also stood up. “Yeah, I’m not too worried. How much trouble could it cause in 13 hours?”

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • MUL-T's "Janitor" skin is a reference to the Risk of Rain Survivor, HAN-D.
  • MUL-T starts the run in a crate instead of a drop pod. The crate breaks on impact with the terrain.
  • MUL-T is referred to internally as "Toolbot."
  • During the release of the Anniversary Update, the Scrap Launcher briefly had a bug where it would activate its cooldown even while the player was firing it, making it have an effective cooldown of 0.5 seconds. This was quickly patched soon after its discovery.
  • MUL-T's primary skills are all homages to various weapons from the Quake series of video games. The Auto-Nailgun, Rebar Puncher, Scrap Launcher and Power-Saw correspond to the Nailgun, Railgun, Rocket Launcher and Gauntlet respectively. The original grenade-launching form of the Scrap Launcher was similarly an homage to Quake's Grenade Launcher.
  • Alongside the Preon Accumulator.pngPreon AccumulatorBgEquipment.pngPreon Accumulator.png140sFire a ball of energy that electrocutes nearby enemies before detonating.
    Fires preon tendrils, zapping enemies within 35m for up to 600% damage/second. On contact, detonate in an enormous 20m explosion for 4000% damage.
    itself being a Doom reference, the name of the unlock challenge for the Power-Saw is also a Doom reference.

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

  • PC Patch v1.1.1.2 (5/12/2021):
    • Armor Buff: 200 armor (66% damage reduction) ⇒ 100 armor (50% damage damage reduction)
  • Anniversary Update (3/25/2021):
    • Introduced Power Mode as "Enter a heavy stance, equipping both your primary attacks at once. Gain 100 armor, but lose -60% movement speed."
    • Modified the "Janitor" skin
    • (Unmentioned) Subsequent shots of Scrap Launcher no longer reset the cooldown
  • 1.0 Release (8/11/2020):
    • Base Acceleration: 2530
    • Rebar Puncher
      • Now charges after firing, rather than before.
    • Scrap Launcher
      • Now behaves like a rocket instead of a grenade
      • Lifetime: 3s4s
      • Explosion Radius: 5m7m
      • Velocity: 70 m/s100 m/s
    • Nail Gun
      • No longer has an initial shotgun of 6 nails.
      • Now has a final shotgun of 12 nails.
      • Now fires in a consistent corkscrew pattern
      • Proc Coefficient: 0.40.6
      • Damage: 60%70%
      • Wind-down duration: 0s1.152s
    • Retool Swap duration: 0.7s0.4s
    • Transport Mode Cooldown: 8s6s
  • Hidden Realms Update (9/17/2019):
    • Scrap Launcher
      • Cooldown: 3s1.5s
      • Animation Duration: 0.4s0.3s
      • Grenade Speed: 50m/s70m/s
  • Skills 2.0 Patch (10/10/2019):
    • Improved vacuum effect of Power-Saw to pull towards enemies
  • Skills 2.0 Update (9/17/2019):
    • Introduced Scrap Launcher as "Fire an arcing hunk that explodes for 360% damage. Hold up to 4."
    • Introduced Power-Saw as "Saw nearby enemies for 1000% damage per second."
    • Added the "Janitor" mastery skin
  • Scorched Acres Update (6/25/2019):
    • Now comes down in a unique pod
  • Early Access Patch (4/03/2019):
    • Base Movement Speed: 9 ⇒ 7
    • Base Damage: 1211
    • Increase Transport Mode speed boost from 200% to 220% to compensate for his lost base movement speed.
  • Early Access Release (3/29/2019):
    • Introduced