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Halcyon Seed
Halcyon Seed.png
Summon Aurelionite during the Teleporter event.
Summon Aurelionite during the teleporter event. It has 100% (+50% per stack) damage and 100% (+100% per stack) health.
Rarity Boss (Aurelionite)
Category Utility
ID 82
Stat Value Stack Add
Health 100% Linear +100%
Damage 100% Linear +50%
Aurelionite (Ally)
Health 2100 (+630 per level)
Damage 40 (+8 per level)
Speed 5 m/s
Armor 20

The Halcyon Seed is a boss item introduced in the Scorched Acres Update, dropped by defeating Aurelionite.png Aurelionite at Gilded Coast.

Upon beginning a Teleporter Event, the player will lose their Halcyon Seed and Aurelionite with 100% (+50% per stack) damage and 100% (+100% per stack) health will appear and fight alongside the player. The player will retrieve their Halcyon Seed when Aurelionite dies, either when the Teleporter Event is finished or killed by other means, whichever occurs first. In multiplayer, players who die after Aurelionite is summoned will still recover their Halcyon Seeds when Aurelionite dies.

This item stacks based on the total amount held by all players combined (items held by Engineer.png Engineer's TR12 Gauss Auto-Turret.png turrets do not count), similarly to theLepton Daisy.png Lepton DaisyBgUncommon.pngLepton Daisy.pngPeriodically release a healing nova during the Teleporter event and 'Holdout Zones' such as the Void Fields.
Release a healing nova during the Teleporter event, healing all nearby allies for 50% of their maximum health. Occurs 1 (+1 per stack) times.

If the player is fighting the Mithrix.png final boss and is in phase 4, Aurelionite will spawn and help the player.


  • The Halcyon Seed is one of the few blacklisted items that Engineer.png Engineer's turrets will not inherit.
  • If theCommandArtifact of Command is active when Aurelionite is defeated at Gilded Coast, a Yellow Command Essence will drop, but it will only allow this item to be selected.
  • If the SwarmsArtifact of Swarms is active, two Aurelionites with half the normal health will spawn at Gilded Coast. However, only one Aurelionite will spawn during Teleporter Events.
  • If the player damages an allied Aurelionite via items such as Helfire Tincture.png Helfire TinctureBgLunar.pngHelfire Tincture.png45sBurn everything nearby... including you and allies.
    Ignite ALL characters within 15m for 12s. Deal 5% of your maximum health/second as burning to yourself. The burn is 0.5x stronger on allies, and 24x stronger on enemies.
    , it may attempt to attack them. However, it will not do any damage.
  • The Mithrix.png final boss has special dialogue if any Halcyon Seeds are brought to the fight. Upon seeing Aurelionite, he exclaims "THE GUARDIAN...? IMPOSSIBLE...!" or "THE WRETCHED GUARDIAN!" If he manages to defeat Aurelionite, he states either "YOU CANNOT DEFY ME, GUARDIAN," or "RETURN TO DIRT, GUARDIAN."
  • When Aurelionite dies while allied with the player, it has a chance of dropping Aurelionite's Log.
  • Be wary of attacking Void Reaver.png Void Reavers that may be near Aurelionite, as it will make no attempt to avoid their death implosion and will be instantly killed.


Brother, what is this...? Why is it misshapen and weak? Was there an error in my design?

Guardian. Come to me. Allow me to see your construction.


So I see.

These are not the correct ratios.

This is no minor error, Brother. You have purposefully deviated from the design. For what purpose have you done this? You cannot weave a construct from such an abundance of soul. You know it is too unstable - that it is too unpredictable and too frail. I have told you this, and yet you have wasted the materials I have gathered - and exhausted your own strength to fabricate this miscreation.

To what benefit?

At its best, it can be no more than an inferior servant; it is deficient in the compounds that were to give it fortitude and strength. At its worst, it will betray us.

You have created the first being of this world which threatens us. We cannot keep it here. Attempting to destroy it will risk its retaliation... I will prepare one of the vaults for it to be sealed away, while it is still young and naive.

What a foolish mistake you have made, brother.

I expect you to return the design to me. I cannot allow you to build another construct with so much power - and with such little control. I will build the rest of our guardians; by my hand, they will be weak, but at least they will be loyal.

Go home. I will deal with this creature. We can discuss a better project for you when I return.

Version History

Anniversary Update
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Changed summoned Aurelionite.png Aurelionite pre-stack scaling from current-difficulty-based hp + damage bonuses to leveling up to the ambient level like other summoned characters
    • Summoned Aurelionite attention span: 5s ⇒ 15s
      Developer Notes: Aurelionite’s raised attention span should make it less likely to get distracted by weaker monsters attacking it so it’s more likely to spend its time fighting stronger monsters.
Early Access Content Update 5
  • Major Content
    • Added New Item Lore Entry: Halcyon Seed
Early Access 'Skills 2.0' Content Update
  • Gameplay Changes
    • 🌧︎ Friendly Aurelionite.png Aurelionite now has special AI to be more aggressive
Early Access Scorched Acres Content Update
  • Major Content and Changes
    • Added New Boss Item: Halcyon Seed