The H3AD-5T v2 is a new item in Risk of Rain 2.

The wave can be powerful for early-game characters. Despite not being mentioned in the effect text, H3AD-5T v2 neglects all falling damage even if its active skill is cooling down. The additional jump height, however, only takes effect when the equipment is charged.


"Denizens of lower-gravity planets like Mercury historically have had trouble adjusting to life on other planets. Mercurians, with their lower bone density (left) would typically shatter their femur within a week on heavier planets. Members of asteroid-rigged flotillas and colony ships have similar issues when arriving home from space.

The invention of Kinetic Dispersion Rings (above) help alleviate the stress of heavier-than-normal gravity by converting kinetic energy into heat, sound, and light. Settlers from Mercury could finally leave their home planet in safety."

-Mercurian History Museum

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