Ghor's Tome

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Ghor's Tome
Ghor's Tome.png
Chance on kill to drop a treasure.
4% (+4% on stack) chance on kill to drop a treasure worth $25. Scales over time.
Rarity Uncommon
Category Utility
ID 94
Stat Value Stack Add
Drop Chance 4% Linear +4%

Ghor's Tome is a new item introduced in the Hidden Realms update.

On kill, The item grants a 4% (+4% per stack) chance for that enemy to drop a gold nugget equal to the value of one Small Chest.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike items such as Bandolier.pngBandolierBgUncommon.pngBandolier.pngChance on kill to drop an ammo pack that resets all skill cooldowns.
    18% (+10% per stack) chance on kill to drop an ammo pack that resets all skill cooldowns.
    or Monster Tooth.pngMonster ToothBgCommon.pngMonster Tooth.pngDrop a healing orb on kill.
    Killing an enemy spawns a healing orb that heals for 8 plus an additional 2% (+2% per stack) of maximum health.
    , the pickup does not always gravitate towards the player as they approach it.
  • The infinitely respawning, destructible asteroids in Sky Meadow can drop treasures.
  • Unlike other pickups, the gold nugget will never despawn.
  • The gold is awarded to all players.
  • The drop chance is affected by 57 Leaf Clover.png57 Leaf CloverBgLegendary.png57 Leaf Clover.pngLuck is on your side.
    All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for a favorable outcome.
  • The effective stacking limit is 25, for 100% chance to drop gold.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Order: “Ghor’s Tome”
Tracking Number: 19******
Estimated Delivery: 07/07/2056
Shipping Method: Priority
Shipping Address: 99th Floor, Crumbling Tower, Venus
Shipping Details:

Ancient secrets... transmutation... homunculi... alchemy. Nothing more than nonsense - pursuits of rightly intentioned but grossly misled minds. Or so I thought. This item's... unexpected physical properties are reason enough to stay my immediate dismissal.

Strange fortune led this book to me, and stranger knowledge still fills the pages. Chilling, even. It concludes, in chapter eight, that even iron can become gold - but only through a ritual of intense bloodletting, a thought disturbing enough without considering the bountiful riches that accompanied the estate.

The takeaway, above all else, seems to be that you cannot get something from nothing; even the very paper of the tome turned to ash as I tried to make photocopies. Whatever was on the first two pages is lost forever. I need transcriptions of the rest by hand, and I know you take pride in your precision. 

And more importantly, Kosta, I trust you. Don't do anything that would draw attention to yourself. I will try to find the other volumes. This is knowledge too dangerous to lose.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its name is a reference to one of the developers, Ghor.
  • Ghor is the name of a bounty hunter in the Metroid Series.
  • Ghor has stated that the item was based off of alchemy, and that this being his item was only in name. Its original name was going to be "Alchemists Tome".