Gasoline is a returning item in Risk of Rain 2.

Killing an enemy applies Damage over Time (DoT) to all nearby enemies. This DoT deals 0.25 times your character's base damage per tick, and ticks twice a second. Having more stacks of gasoline increases the duration of the burn and the radius of the blast. This item is almost identical in functionality to Will-o'-the-wisp, though it doesn't deal flat damage.

This item is useful to grab as any character, though it is often overshadowed by more powerful items. Will-o'-the-wisp pairs well with this item as they both deal area of effect damage in a similar radius.


Audio transcription complete from signal echoes. Assigning generic tokens.

[Fire crackling]

MAN 1: D-do you think they're gonna come for us?

MAN 2: They'll try. It's going to be a very long while.

MAN 1: What? Why?

MAN 2: A long while. Even if they know where to look we'd be months out from the nearest port. And that's if they even have any ships as fast as ours - FTL ships are very rare nowadays.

MAN 1: Months...?! And what do you mean if they know where? What about the other ships on our shipping routes?

MAN 2: We weren't on the route.

[Fire pops]

MAN 1: What?!

MAN 2: We should've been halfway to Procyon by the time we crashed... but we weren't. The ship never announced it was slowing down either, so that'll make triangulating our positions even harder.

MAN 1: I-I don't get it. Who would take a UESC train off course? That's completely insane!

MAN 2: I don't know - only the Captain does. There's no reason to slow down in this star system - there's not even supposed to be a habitable planet out here.


MAN 2: This looks cooked to me. Can't vouch for how it'll taste - but we have to eat.

MAN 1: I... I can't even think right now. I'm not hungry.

MAN 2: Eat. We've got a lot of traveling to do tomorrow and we'll need to keep our strength.

MAN 1: Sure. Okay. Okay. Um… do you think it's poisonous?

MAN 2: Eat.

End of requested transcript.

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