Forgive Me Please

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Forgive Me Please
Forgive Me Please.png
Throw a cursed doll that repeatedly triggers your 'On Kill' effects.
Throw a cursed doll out that triggers any On-Kill effects you have every 1 second for 8 seconds.
Rarity Equipment
Cooldown 45s
Amount needed for permanent effect
8 Gesture of the Drowned.pngGesturesBgLunar.pngGesture of the Drowned.pngDramatically reduce Equipment cooldown... BUT it automatically activates.
Reduce Equipment cooldown by 50% (+15% per stack). Forces your Equipment to activate whenever it is off cooldown.
11 Fuel Cell.pngFuel CellsBgUncommon.pngFuel Cell.pngHold an additional equipment charge. Reduce equipment cooldown.
Hold an additional equipment charge (+1 per stack). Reduce equipment cooldown by 15% (+15% per stack).
Unlock I Love Dying!

The Forgive Me Please is a new equipment in Risk of Rain 2.

Each Forgive Me Please will trigger all On-kill effect items the player has eight times, each player is limited to three active at a time.

On-kill effect items that require a specific condition or target to trigger their effect are not activated by Forgive Me Please, these items are: Brainstalks.pngBrainstalksBgLegendary.pngBrainstalks.pngSkills have NO cooldowns for a short period after killing an elite.
Upon killing an elite monster, enter a frenzy for 4s (+4s per stack) where skills have 0.5s cooldowns.
, Happiest Mask.pngHappiest MaskBgLegendary.pngHappiest Mask.pngChance on killing an enemy to summon a ghost.
Killing enemies has a 7% chance to spawn a ghost of the killed enemy with 1500% damage. Lasts 30s (+30s per stack).
, Wake of Vultures.pngWake of VulturesBgLegendary.pngWake of Vultures.pngTemporarily steal the power of slain elites.
Gain the power of any killed elite monster for 8s (+5s per stack).
, and Shatterspleen.pngShatterspleenBgBoss.pngShatterspleen.pngCritical strikes always bleed enemies. Bleeding enemies now explode.
Gain 5% critical chance. Critical Strikes bleed enemies for 240% base damage. Bleeding enemies explode on death for 400% (+400% per stack) damage, plus an additional 15% (+15% per stack) of their maximum health.

Forgive Me Please will also charge Resonance Disc.pngResonance DiscBgLegendary.pngResonance Disc.pngObtain a Resonance Disc charged by killing enemies. Fires automatically when fully charged.
Killing 4 enemies in 7 seconds charges the Resonance Disc. The disc launches itself toward a target for 300% base damage (+300% per stack), piercing all enemies it doesn't kill, and then explodes for 1000% base damage (+1000% per stack). Returns to the user, striking all enemies along the way for 300% base damage (+300% per stack).
, and has a chance to drop Lunar Coins.

Soulbound Catalyst.pngSoulbound CatalystBgLegendary.pngSoulbound Catalyst.pngKills reduce equipment cooldown.
Kills reduce equipment cooldown by 4s (+2s per stack).
is incredibly powerful with Forgive Me Please as it will allow for constant On-kill effect items to trigger (3 times per second assuming you manage to keep 3 Forgive Me Please active).

Lore[edit | edit source]

There is a note pinned to the doll:

Ayy, you’re killin’ me!

You’re killin’ me!

You’re killin’ me!

You’re killin’ me!

You’re killin’ me!

You’re killin’ me!

You’re killin’ me!

You’re really killing me.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It seems to have a small chance to drop lunar coins if left idle.
  • Forgive Me Please is likely a reference to an active item featured in the original Risk of Rain, the Crudely Drawn Buddy. Upon using the Crudely Drawn Buddy, a decoy doll appears, which attracts the attention of monsters for several seconds.
    • The Crudely Drawn Buddy doll takes on the appearance of any survivor who activates it, whereas the doll dropped by Forgive Me Please only resembles the Commando.png Commando.