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Early Access 'Skills 2.0' Content Update
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Release Date September 17, 2019 (PC)

December 10, 2019 (PS and Xbox)

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This is the second major content update for Risk of Rain 2 on PC. With this update we are focusing on Skills 2.0, brand new content, as well as other general changes and quality of life improvements.

Skills 2.0 introduces a new way to play your favorite survivor! Our new “Loadout” system allows for swappable skills and skins at the beginning of each run. Each survivor will maintain their unique identity, but have some options to tinker with before jumping into a run. While some skill variants play off existing skills, some variants are entirely unique abilities available to a survivor. Each new skill and skin in your Loadout will be unlocked only with survivor-specific challenges - good luck! More skills and skins are planned to be added in future updates.

This Content Update will be coming to consoles soon - for details on how our Content Updates get ported to console versions, check out our previous Development Thoughts here!

Changes with the ‘🌧︎’ icon in front of them are changes or additions suggested by the community. As always, if you want to stay up to date on the game feel free to join the discord at https://discord.gg/riskofrain2

Major Content and Changes

  • Added Survivor: Loader.png Loader
    • The Loader is a slow but powerful bruiser that can use her grappling hook to uniquely navigate the environment.
  • Added Stage: Siren's Call.png Siren’s Call
  • Added System: Loadouts
    • “Loadouts” are a new system that allows you to mix-and-match your selected Survivor’s abilities before entering a run.
  • Added Elite: Status AffixHaunted.png Celestine
    • Celestine are new high-tier elites that only spawn late into the game, similarly to Status AffixPoison.png Malachite elites.
    • New unique visuals and SFX that signifies a Status AffixHaunted.png Celestine elite has entered the stage
  • Added 6 Items and Equipment to the game
    • New Item: Focus Crystal.png Focus CrystalBgCommon.pngFocus Crystal.pngDeal bonus damage to nearby enemies.
      Increase damage to enemies within 13m by 20% (+20% per stack).
    • New Item: Lepton Daisy.png Lepton DaisyBgUncommon.pngLepton Daisy.pngPeriodically release a healing nova during the Teleporter event and 'Holdout Zones' such as the Void Fields.
      Release a healing nova during the Teleporter event, healing all nearby allies for 50% of their maximum health. Occurs 1 (+1 per stack) times.
    • New Item: Shattering Justice.png Shattering JusticeBgLegendary.pngShattering Justice.pngReduce the armor of enemies after repeatedly striking them.
      After hitting an enemy 5 times, reduce their armor by 60 for 8 (+8 per stack) seconds.
    • New Equipment: Blast Shower.png Blast ShowerBgEquipment.pngBlast Shower.png20sCleanse all negative effects.
      Cleanse all negative effects. Includes debuffs, damage over time, and nearby projectiles.
    • New Equipment: Volcanic Egg.png Volcanic EggBgEquipment.pngVolcanic Egg.png30sTransform into a speeding draconic fireball, dealing damage as you pass through enemies.
      Turn into a draconic fireball for 5 seconds. Deal 500% damage on impact. Detonates at the end for 800% damage.
    • New Lunar Item: Strides of Heresy.png Strides of HeresyBgLunar.pngStrides of Heresy.pngReplace your Utility Skill with 'Shadowfade'.
      Replace your Utility Skill with Shadowfade.

      Fade away, becoming intangible and gaining +30% movement speed. Heal for 18.2% (+18.2% per stack) of your maximum health. Lasts 3 (+3 per stack) seconds.
  • Added Interactable: Lunar Seer
  • Added 3 Challenges to the game
    • New Challenge: Blast Shower.png Warm For LifeBgEquipment.pngBlast Shower.png20sCleanse all negative effects.
      Cleanse all negative effects. Includes debuffs, damage over time, and nearby projectiles.
    • New Challenge: Visions of Heresy.png BgLunar.pngVisions of Heresy.pngReplace your Primary Skill with 'Hungering Gaze'.
      Replace your Primary Skill with Hungering Gaze.

      Fire a flurry of tracking shards that detonate after a delay, dealing 120% base damage. Hold up to 12 charges (+12 per stack) that reload after 2 seconds (+2 per stack).
      Strides of Heresy.png Blockade BreakerBgLunar.pngStrides of Heresy.pngReplace your Utility Skill with 'Shadowfade'.
      Replace your Utility Skill with Shadowfade.

      Fade away, becoming intangible and gaining +30% movement speed. Heal for 18.2% (+18.2% per stack) of your maximum health. Lasts 3 (+3 per stack) seconds.
    • New Challenge: Loader.png Guidance Offline

Gameplay Changes

  • General
    • Reduce the spawn frequency of the “aggressive” director
      • This should result in spawning behavior a bit more similar to Early Access Launch, where the Director will be able to save up a tiny bit more before spawning things. This doesn’t make the game easier or harder - there should just be slightly fewer small monsters, and more big monsters.
    • 🌧︎Fix health regeneration boost being applied outside of Drizzle.png Drizzle
      • Drizzle difficulty is intended to have increased health regeneration of 250% for players. This was being accidentally applied to ALL difficulties since launch. Oops. We will be monitoring this closely to make sure the pacing of the game stays consistent.
  • Survivors
    • Commando.png Commando
      • 🌧︎Update Suppressive Fire.png Suppressive Fire (R) to fire more bullets with more attack speed
      • Add 2 new skill variants
      • Add 1 new skin
    • Engineer.png Engineer
      • 🌧︎ Bubble Shield.png Bubble Shield now flashes before it expires
      • 🌧︎ Update Pressure Mines.png Pressure Mines:
        • 🌧︎ Now “arms” over time to 900% damage and an increased radius
          • Players (including us) were mostly just using Engineer's mines as somewhat underwhelming grenades as soon as they came off cooldown. This change puts more power in strategic placement and reduces how often the skill needs to be used for it to be effective.
        • 🌧︎ Now scales max available mines with max secondary stock
        • Max Stock 10 ⇒ 4
      • Add 2 new skill variants
    • MUL-T.png MUL-T
      • 🌧︎ Show both primary and alternate fire descriptions in Character Select
      • Move “Multifunctional” passive into “Retool.png Retool
        • This change was made to make the UI for MUL-T’s skills easier to read. There is no functional difference.
      • Add 2 new skill variants
      • Add 1 new skin
    • Huntress.png Huntress
      • Add 2 new skill variants
      • Add 1 new skin
    • Mercenary.png Mercenary
      • Add 2 new skill variants
      • Add 1 new skin
    • REX.png REX
      • Add 2 new skill variants
      • Add 1 new skin
    • Artificer.png Artificer
      • Add 2 new skill variants
      • Add 1 new skin
  • Items
    • Old Guillotine.png GuillotineBgUncommon.pngOld Guillotine.pngInstantly kill low health Elite monsters.
      Instantly kill Elite monsters below 13% (+13% per stack) health.
      • 🌧︎Tier: 1 ⇒ 2
      • Update Logbook entry to properly reflect its stacking behavior
        • In the Logbook, it said it scaled the execute threshold by 20%(+5% per stack), but it ACTUALLY stacked by 20% (+20% per stack). Instead of reducing the threshold down to 5%, we decided to keep the current behavior and upgrade it to tier 2 instead.
    • Cautious Slug.png Cautious SlugBgCommon.pngCautious Slug.pngRapidly heal outside of danger.
      Increases base health regeneration by +3 hp/s (+3 hp/s per stack) while outside of combat.
      • Regen Rate: 250%(+250% per stack) ⇒ 300%(+300% per stack)
    • Sticky Bomb.png Sticky BombBgCommon.pngSticky Bomb.pngChance on hit to attach a bomb to enemies.
      5% (+5% per stack) chance on hit to attach a bomb to an enemy, detonating for 180% TOTAL damage.
      • 🌧︎Proc Chance: 5%(+2.5% per stack) ⇒ 5%(+5% per stack)
        • Tier 1 items are the most commonly stacked, and should therefore linearly stack without diminishing returns in most cases.
    • Crowbar.png CrowbarBgCommon.pngCrowbar.pngDeal bonus damage to enemies above 90% health.
      Deal +75% (+75% per stack) damage to enemies above 90% health.
      • Damage Boost: 50%(+30% per stack) ⇒ 50%(+50% per stack)
        • Tier 1 items are the most commonly stacked, and should therefore linearly stack without diminishing returns in most cases
    • Topaz Brooch.png Topaz BroochBgCommon.pngTopaz Brooch.pngGain a temporary barrier on kill.
      Gain a temporary barrier on kill for 15 health (+15 per stack).
      • 🌧︎Barrier Gain: 20(+20 per stack) ⇒ 15(+15 per stack)
    • Aegis.png AegisBgLegendary.pngAegis.pngHealing past full grants you a temporary barrier.
      Healing past full grants you a temporary barrier for 50% (+50% per stack) of the amount you healed.
      • 🌧︎Has been reworked in functionality
        • Barrier gain from overheal is no longer capped
        • Now grants barrier for 50% (+50% per stack) of the amount you overheal
    • Halcyon Seed.png Halcyon SeedBgBoss.pngHalcyon Seed.pngSummon Aurelionite during the Teleporter event.
      Summon Aurelionite during the teleporter event. It has 100% (+50% per stack) damage and 100% (+100% per stack) health.
      • 🌧︎ Friendly Aurelionite.png Aurelionite now has special AI to be more aggressive
    • The Crowdfunder.png CrowfunderBgEquipment.pngThe Crowdfunder.pngToggle to fire. Costs gold per bullet.
      Fires a continuous barrage that deals 100% damage per bullet. Costs $1 per bullet. Cost increases over time.
      • Proc Coefficient: 0.2 ⇒ 1
  • Stage
    • Bazaar Between Time.png Bazaar Between Time
      • 🌧︎ Add Lunar Seers
        • Lunar Seers allow you to, at a price, determine the next upcoming stage. The intent for this is to allow us to continue adding content that is stage dependent (Timed Security Chest on Rallypoint Delta, Broken Robot in Abyssal Depths, etc) without it becoming frustrating in the future to actually land on those maps.
    • Abyssal Depths.png Abyssal Depths
      • 🌧︎ Brighten ambient lighting
      • 🌧︎ Ambient lighting is no longer extra dark inside the cave portions
  • Elites
    • Status AffixPoison.png Malachite
      • 🌧︎ Health Bonus Percentage: 2820% ⇒ 2350%
  • Drones
    • 🌧︎Drones can now be repurchased after they die, excluding TC-280
    • TC-280 Prototype.png TC-280
      • Base Cost: $500 ⇒ $350

Music & SFX

  • Add new stage track
  • A bunch of other tweaks and updates to SFX


  • 🌧︎ Damage numbers can now support up to 998,000,000 damage (truncated as 10K, 100K, 1M, etc)
  • 🌧︎ Money values in the HUD now have commas
  • 🌧︎ Newt Shrines, Shrine of the Mountain, and Altar of Gold now become unavailable once the Teleporter starts charging
  • 🌧︎ Game now remembers your preferred difficulty until you close the game
  • 🌧︎ Update geysers on Scorched Acres.png Scorched Acres to have shorter launch arcs so they don’t cause fall damage
  • 🌧︎ Add cost of purchasables to their chat message when pinged
  • 🌧︎ Add unique shrine icon for Altar of Gold
  • 🌧︎ Add new unique UI sprite for Lunar Coins. Update Lunar Coin model to have a hole in the center to match new icon.
  • 🌧︎ Add equipment cooldown to logbook
  • 🌧︎ Add stats for regen and armor to logbook entries for survivors and monsters
  • 🌧︎ Minion kills can now spawn Lunar Coins on your behalf
  • 🌧︎ Damage dealt by your minions is now reported in the post-game screen
  • 🌧︎ Minion healthbars are now nested below their leader’s
  • Dead players now remain in the allied healthbar area
  • Update level up effects

Bug Fixes

  • 🌧︎Update skill icon not accounting for cooldown scale when calculating the display value for the cooldown progress indicator
  • 🌧︎Fix Incinerator Drone.png Flamethrower Drone creating two flamethrower effects
  • 🌧︎Fix floating trees in Gilded Coast.png Gilded Shores
  • 🌧︎Fix trees in Scorched Acres.png Scorched Acres and Rallypoint Delta.png Rallypoint Delta not having collision
  • 🌧︎Fix stuck spawn location in Scorched Acres.png Scorched Acres
  • 🌧︎Fix AI pathing in Wetland Aspect.png Wetland Aspect to reduce the chance of a boss spawning on the wrong side of a wall
  • Update Wandering Vagrant.png Wandering Vagrant’s Nova attack to properly apply on-hits
  • Fix Aurelionite.png Aurelionite firing more projectiles for every connected player in the game
  • Fix water splashes being oriented 90 degrees in the wrong way
  • Update ambient sound in the Celestial Portal to not include insects
  • Canceling Artificer.png Artificer’s Charged Nano-Bomb.png Nova Bomb early now properly stops the sound
  • Fix some spots in maps that could cause you to be stuck
  • 🌧︎Fix Asian characters being clipped in ally healthbar
  • 🌧︎MUL-T.png MUL-T’s Transport Mode.png Transport Mode now properly applies crits
  • 🌧︎Replace instances of unknown deaths (pots, out-of-bounds, etc) having a white box and a blank entry with a generic “mystery” attacker
  • 🌧︎Update a bunch of typos for stacking behavior and skill damage that were inconsistent with in-game values
  • 🌧︎Fix friendly Aurelionite.png Aurelionites dropping Logbooks when they expire
  • 🌧︎Fix falling enemies never properly being removed, resulting in spawns stopping after shoving enough enemies off the map
  • 🌧︎Fix Follower-type items still remaining before and after entering a stage
  • 🌧Update Dio's Best Friend.png Dio’s Best FriendBgLegendary.pngDio's Best Friend.pngCheat death. Consumed on use.
    Upon death, this item will be consumed and you will return to life with 3 seconds of invulnerability.
    on Huntress.png Huntress to no longer clip into her scarf
  • Remove word wrapping in a few instances
  • Fix enemy team level-up sound effect playing simultaneously for every instance of a monster in the map
  • Fix cropping issues on Warbanner.png WarbannerBgCommon.pngWarbanner.pngDrop a Warbanner on level up or starting the Teleporter event. Grants allies attack and movement speed.
    On level up or starting the Teleporter event, drop a banner that strengthens all allies within 16m (+8m per stack). Raise attack and movement speed by 30%.
    and Tri-Tip Dagger.png Tri-Tip DaggerBgCommon.pngTri-Tip Dagger.pngChance to bleed enemies on hit.
    10% (+10% per stack) chance to bleed an enemy for 240% base damage.

Thanks for SWINGING into this update - we hope you all enjoy the new build!