Defensive Microbots

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Defensive Microbots
Defensive Microbots.png
Shoot down nearby projectiles. Recharge rate scales with attack speed.
Shoot down 1 (+1 per stack) projectiles within 20m every 0.5 seconds. Recharge rate scales with attack speed.
Rarity Legendary
Category Utility
Stat Value Stack Add
Projectiles Shot 1 Linear +1

Defensive Microbots are a new item in Risk of Rain 2. It intercepts and destroys incoming projectiles, such as Lemurian fireballs. Hitscan attacks, like Lesser Wisp shots or Stone Golem lasers, cannot be blocked by Defensive Microbots regardless of the distance between the item holder and the attacker.

Despite being of Legendary rarity, Defensive Microbots cannot be found in Chests, traded for using Cauldrons or 3D Printers, or obtained through any other typical method. They are near-exclusive to the Captain, who is granted one due to his passive skill of the same name.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Holding Defensive Microbots as a survivor other than Captain will not grant allied Drones and Turrets their own Defensive Microbots. That ability is the result of the Captain's passive skill, not the item itself.
  • There are currently only two legitimate methods of obtaining Defensive Microbots as a survivor other than Captain:
    • Enabling the MetamorphosisArtifact of Metamorphosis and randomly becoming the Captain during a stage. His passive skill will grant the player the item, which will remain in the player's inventory even after switching into a different survivor.
      • Playing as the Captain from the beginning of a run and activating the Artifact of Metamorphosis in Bulwark's Ambry, the randomly chosen survivor will continue to have the Defensive Microbots for the rest of the run.
    • Enabling the VengeanceArtifact of Vengeance and defeating a Captain's doppelganger. Doppelgangers will drop one of any item held by the original player. This method is also the only way to both stack additional Defensive Microbots and obtain its Logbook Entry.
      • The simplest way of obtaining the item using this method would be to rush down the first Teleporter without picking up any items, secure the area, and wait for an Umbra to spawn.
  • Many attacks that aren't conventional projectiles can be destroyed, such as the Mini Mushrum spore clouds, Alloy Worship Unit's Alloy Supercharged Detonation, Malachite Spikes and the Wandering Vagrant's Homing Orb Bomb.
    • It can also destroy the flying rocks on Sky Meadow, though rocks destroyed this way will not grant a charge of Infusion.pngInfusionBgUncommon.pngInfusion.pngKilling an enemy permanently increases your health, up to 100.
      Killing an enemy increases your health permanently by 1 (+1 per stack), up to a maximum of 100 (+100 per stack) health.
  • Defensive Microbots can shoot down survivor projectiles. This is only relevant if the Artifact of Vengeance is active or if Mithrix steals a player's Defensive Microbots during the final phase of his boss fight.