Death Mark

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Death Mark
Death Mark.png
Enemies with 4 or more debuffs are marked for death, taking bonus damage.
Enemies with 4 or more debuffs are marked for death, increasing damage taken by 50% from all sources for 7 (+7 per stack) seconds.
Rarity Uncommon
Category Damage
ID 104
Stat Value Stack Add
Debuff Duration 7s Linear +7s

The Death Mark is a new item in Risk of Rain 2.

When 4 or more debuffs are applied to an enemy, The item will increase said enemy's damage taken by 50% for 7 (+7 per stack) seconds.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Death Mark does not activate if you only have 4 stacks of the same debuff. The number of unique debuffs must be 4 or higher.
  • These debuffs do not need to be applied by the same player, however the target must still then be damaged by a player with Death Mark for it to be applied. Characters without Death Mark still deal the bonus damage to marked enemies.
  • All debuffs that can be applied to enemies count towards the activation requirement.
  • This item is good on REX.png REX and Artificer.png Artificer(With either her default primary or special equipped) because they both have 2 debuffs that they can apply.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Order: “Death Mark”
Tracking Number: 66******
Estimated Delivery: 02\22\2056\
Shipping Method:  High Priority
Shipping Address: 421 Lane, Lab [72], Mars
Shipping Details:

Everyone said that I was crazy to search for lost artifacts on Mars. Idiots. There hasn’t been any proof of a previous civilization - but I’ve always trusted my gut. This skull proves that I’m right - that something did exist here before.

That smug professor at the university... always disparaging my research. I loved seeing the look on his face as I shook his hand. Idiot. Karma must have been working overtime - I heard he fell ill shortly after. I suppose my success was just too much for him.

...In fact, everyone I’ve shown seems to not be returning my calls. Are they avoiding me? Are they scared this news would shake up their academic communities? Too proud to admit I’m right?

I’ll find someone who will give me the recognition I deserve. I’ve worked too hard and done too much. If I don’t keep going, I think I might just die.

Gallery[edit | edit source]