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Deal bonus damage to enemies above 90% health.
Deal +75% (+75% per stack) damage to enemies above 90% health.
Rarity Common
Category Damage
Unlock The Basics
ID 17
Stat Value Stack Add
Damage 75% Linear +75%

The Crowbar is a returning item in Risk of Rain 2.

The item grants an additional 75% damage (175% (+75% per stack) damage total) when attacking any enemy that has 90% or more of its max health remaining.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • After stacking 2 or more Crowbars, the total damage dealt is greater than a critical hit.
  • This item is best used with characters with high single-hit damage, such as Loader.png Loader, Artificer.png Artificer, or Captain.png Captain.
    • However, all characters can make effective use of the Crowbar with equipment such as the Preon Accumulator.pngPreon AccumulatorBgEquipment.pngPreon Accumulator.png140sFire a ball of energy that electrocutes nearby enemies before detonating.
      Fires preon tendrils, zapping enemies within 35m for up to 600% damage/second. On contact, detonate in an enormous 20m explosion for 4000% damage.
      or Royal Capacitor.pngRoyal CapacitorBgEquipment.pngRoyal Capacitor.png20sCall down a lightning strike on a targeted monster.
      Call down a lightning strike on a targeted monster, dealing 3000% damage and stunning nearby monsters.
  • Runald's Band.pngRunald'sBgUncommon.pngRunald's Band.pngHigh damage hits also blasts enemies with runic ice. Recharges over time.
    Hits that deal more than 400% damage also blasts enemies with a runic ice blast, slowing them by 80% for 3s (+3s per stack) and dealing 250% (+250% per stack) TOTAL damage. Recharges every 10 seconds.
    and Kjaro's Band.pngKjaro'sBgUncommon.pngKjaro's Band.pngHigh damage hits also blasts enemies with a runic flame tornado. Recharges over time.
    Hits that deal more than 400% damage also blasts enemies with a runic flame tornado, dealing 300% (+300% per stack) TOTAL damage over time. Recharges every 10 seconds.
    Bands can be used to amplify a Crowbar-boosted hit to deal immense damage to important targets.
    • Keep in mind that if the hit that activates the Band deals more than 10% of the enemy's HP, the Crowbar will not amplify the band's damage further.

Lore[edit | edit source]


“Hey, toss me a crowbar?”

Jesse walked over to the toolbox and rummaged around. Plucking a crowbar from the container, she went over to James.

“Thanks,” he grunted, attempting to pry the chest open. Jesse sat herself on the table next to James, idly watching him work. “I swear, this had to be the one chest that CAN’T be paid open... Crash must have... broken the circuitry inside.” James mumbled to himself.

“Yeah.” Jesse looked around, her eyes falling on a palette of chests that had been recovered from the recent expeditions. Sighing, she hopped to her feet. “I’m heading to the mess hall. Want anything?” 

“Yeah, how about a better crowbar? This thing is only a second edition.” James stretched, tossing the crowbar over his shoulder. Patting the still unopened chest, he chuckled. “It’s good, but to be honest… it’s getting a little old.”

Jesse laughed.

Version History[edit | edit source]

Anniversary Update:

  • Added new lore entry.
  • Damage boost was changed from +50%(+50% per stack) ⇒ +75% (+75% per stack).
  • Improve visual effects to be more noticeable.
  • Update pickup text to include the damage threshold.
  • Mithrax now utilizes Crowbars.

1.0 Update: Mithrax can no longer use Crowbars.

Hidden Realms Update: Bug fix Crowbar sound not playing over the network.

Skills 2.0 Update: Damage boost was changed from 50% (+30% per stack) ⇒ 50%(+50% per stack).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Crowbar is a reference to the Half Life series created by Valve, in which the main character Gordon Freeman uses a crowbar similar to the one depicted as his melee weapon.
    • The text from the first game's logbook entry, "until the 3rd edition arrives," as well as this game's updated entry adding that "the second edition" is "getting a little old" are digs at the long production time of the Half-Life series and Valve's seeming dislike of the number 3, going as far as making Half-Life 1, 2 and Half-Life 2: Episodes 1 and 2. Because of this, Half-Life 3 has become a well-known point of humor on the internet joking about how it will never come out.