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Chest & Equipment Barrel.png

Chests are Interactibles that are scattered throughout every Environment (excluding the Bazaar Between Time, A Moment, Fractured, A Moment, Whole, and the Void Fields) at random. Chests contain Items that must be purchased with Gold.

Small Chest[edit | edit source]

Small Chest

The basic Chest variant. A Small Chest has a chance to contain either a Common, Uncommon or Legendary item.

Base cost: $25

Item chances:

  • Common = 79.2%
  • Uncommon = 19.8%
  • Legendary = 0.99%

Large Chest[edit | edit source]

Large Chest

A Large Chest costs twice as much as a Small Chest and is rarer, but it contains an item of at least Uncommon rarity, and has an increased chance to hold a Legendary item.

Base cost: $50

Item chances:

  • Common = 0%
  • Uncommon = 80%
  • Legendary = 20%

Legendary Chest[edit | edit source]

Legendary Chest

A Legendary Chest is an expensive chest that costs 16 times as much as a Small Chest. However, it is guaranteed to hold a Legendary item. It can only be found starting from the 4th stage onward, and natural generation is extremely rare.

Base cost: $400

There is one guaranteed spawn location in Abyssal Depths, nearby a small, yellow, glowing column, in a small cave full of foliage partially covered by a rock, ground-level, near the center of the map. It is also guaranteed to spawn in Sundered Grove, in one out of five different spots around the map.

Equipment Barrel[edit | edit source]

Equipment Barrel

An Equipment Barrel costs as much as a Small Chest and always contains an Equipment.

Base cost: $25

Multishop Terminal[edit | edit source]

Multishop Terminal

A Multishop Terminal features a choice out of three Items for you to buy, costing the same as either a Small Chest or a Large Chest, depending on the rarity. After buying one item the other items are locked and cannot be obtained from this Terminal anymore. A Question Mark indicates that the item in the corresponding slot will be a random item of that rarity.

Multishop Terminals that spawn on Wetland Aspect and Abandoned Aqueduct will sometimes sell Uncommon items, while ones that spawn on Abyssal Depths, Siren's Call and Sky Meadow will always sell Uncommon items.

Base cost for a common Multishop Terminal is the same as a Small Chest, and uncommon is the same as a Large Chest.

Equipment Triple Shop[edit | edit source]

Equipment Triple Shop

An Equipment Triple Shop costs twice as much as a Small Chest. It is similar to a Multishop Terminal, but sells Equipment instead.

Base cost: $50

Equipment Triple Shops only appear on Scorched Acres and Sky Meadow.

Category Chest[edit | edit source]

Category Chests

A Category Chest costs 20% more than a Small Chest and can come in three varieties: Damage, Healing, and Utility. Damage Category Chests contain Damage-based items, and so forth.

Base cost: $30

  • Damage Chests are red, with a symbol of three bullets side-by-side emblazoned on top.
  • Healing Chests are dark green, with a symbol of a white cross on top.
  • Utility Chests are purple, with a symbol of what appears to be a "U" with a smaller circle inside it.

Adaptive Chest[edit | edit source]

Adaptive Chest

An Adaptive Chest costs twice as much as a Small Chest and can only spawn from stage 3 onwards. Upon activation, the center portion raises up to reveal a small compartment, in which it begins to cycle through a variety of items at an accelerating rate. Any item can appear in this cycle, including Legendary items and Equipments at around the same frequency as a small chest. Activating it again will drop the item currently shown in the cycle. Allowing it to cycle for a long enough period of time will force it to spit out a random item instead of allowing you to choose.

Base cost: $50

  • Pausing the game in single player will also pause the rotation of items in an Adaptive Chest. Therefore you can pause and unpause until you find the item you want, and spam Use upon unpausing again.

Rusty Lockbox[edit | edit source]

Rusty Lockbox

The Rusty Lockbox only spawns when a Survivor holds the Common item Rusted Key.pngRusted KeyBgCommon.pngRusted Key.pngGain access to a Rusty Lockbox that contains a powerful item.
A hidden cache containing an item (80%/20%) will appear in a random location on each stage. Opening the cache consumes this item.
. It does not cost Gold to open.

  • At least one survivor in the party must possess a Rusted Key for it to spawn (guaranteed spawn), but a key is required to open the Rusty Lockbox.
  • At each stage a lockbox will appear for each player with a rusty key. The box cannot spawn on Hidden Realms.
  • It is easier to find a Rusty Lockbox while the Teleporter is being charged, because they get locked with orange tendrils like other types of storage as well.

See also: Rusted Key

Cloaked Chest[edit | edit source]

Cloaked Chest

A Cloaked Chest is an invisible chest that can be found in all Environments. In contrast to other chests, this one does not have to be purchased. However, it is very difficult to see, being completely transparent, only slightly distorting the background.

  • Cloaked Chests get locked while the Teleporter is getting charged, so try to spot them at this point.
  • Keep an eye out for the "Open Cloaked Chest" prompt that appears when you walk by one.
  • It is possible to scan cloaked chests using the Radar Scanner.pngRadar ScannerBgEquipment.pngRadar Scanner.png45sReveal all nearby interactables.
    Reveal all interactables within 500m for 10 seconds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As the choices for a Multishop Terminal are completely random, it is possible to have three of the same item appear.
    • Prior to the Hidden Realms Update, it was completely possible to have all three choices be Question Marks.
  • Legendary Chests and Adaptive Chests have collision, unlike all other kinds of chests
  • Prior to the Hidden Realms Update, the Rusty Lockbox was hard to spot due to its relatively small size. This update made the Lockboxes easier to spot by making them 50% larger and shinier.
  • Category Chests were added with the Scorched Acres Update.
  • Adaptive Chests were added with the Hidden Realms Update..
  • Broken, worn out and rusted chests can be found in the Sky Meadow