Bazaar Between Time

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Bazaar Between Time
Bazaar Between Time.png
Hidden Realm: Bazaar Between Time
Stage Hidden Realm
Soundtrack Parjanya

The Bazaar Between Time is a Hidden Realm Environment that can be accessed by entering a Blue Portal that appears next to the Teleporter.

This stage serves as the shop in Risk of Rain 2. You can purchase various Items with Lunar Coins or exchange items for better ones in the two crucibles. The time and difficulty-meters are paused while the player is in this map.

Blue Portal[edit | edit source]

A Blue Portal

The Blue Portal can spawn in two ways:

  1. Spending a lunar coin at a Newt Altar.
  2. Having it spawn naturally on stage creation. There's an initial 37.5% chance for a stage to spawn a portal. This chance gets lower and lower as more portals are spawned through either method.

Regardless of the method the portal opens, a small, trailing blue orb will orbit the teleporter interactable and the text "A blue orb appears" will notify players a portal will spawn once the teleporter event is completed.

The chance for a Blue Portal to spawn in a stage is 0.375 / (blue portals opened + 1).

On Stage 5, regardless of the Teleporter's alignment, going through the Blue Portal will cause the player to loop back to Stage 1.

Newt[edit | edit source]


Newt, the shopkeeper, watches the player in the shop. It can be attacked, but if the player cannot kill Newt in time, they will be teleported to the portal area, and the shop will be sealed closed. Currently, killing it does not affect the game, and Newt will be in the shop the next time. It has 500000 base health and 100 armor.

Lunar Buds[edit | edit source]

Lunar Buds

Newt offers a random selection of 5 Lunar items costing 2 Lunar coins that can only be purchased once each. Only items already unlocked can appear.

Cauldrons[edit | edit source]

Red Cauldron

The trade-in Cauldrons can spawn any items from the Uncommon or Legendary pool, provided that, if in singleplayer, the player has previously obtained or cleared the requisite item's challenge or, if in multiplayer, that someone in the party has previously obtained or cleared the requisite item's challenge. 3 Common items are required to trade up to an Uncommon item, and 5 Uncommon items are required to trade up to a Legendary item. Cauldrons will prioritize Scrap when trading, see Item Scrap, White for details on Scrap trading behavior.

Lunar Seer[edit | edit source]

Lunar Seer

The Lunar Seer consists of two pedestals that each respectively display an image of a forthcoming Environment. By interacting with one of them, at the cost of 3 Lunar Coins, you are able to predetermine which environment you will be going to next. There will never be more than two choices available and it is possible, albeit uncommon, for Gilded Coast to appear as an option for the seer.

The selected environment will only be guaranteed if the Blue Portal is used to exit the Bazaar. Travelling to the Void Fields through the null portal located under the bazaar will nullify any purchase made at the lunar seer, causing the stage following the Void Fields to be selected at random like normal.

Survivor Suspended in Time[edit | edit source]

Survivor Suspended In Time

The survivor Artificer is locked in a crystal near Newt. Paying 10 Lunar Coins will free her, completing the Pause. challenge and unlocking her as a playable character. This crystal only appears if at least one player in the lobby has not unlocked the character.

Null Portal[edit | edit source]

The Null Portal is a type of Portal that teleports the player to the Void Fields, a Hidden Realm where the player can go through 9 waves of enemies to gain rewards, though the player is able to leave anytime through another Null Portal. It is accessed only once per run through the Bazaar Between Time, below the Blue Portal which the player exits. Dropping below the platform and into a green, misty cave in the wall will reveal a purple and black portal surrounded by dead Void Reavers. The portal can only be entered once per run, going to the spot where the portal was after being used only shows the empty cavern.

Logbook Entry[edit | edit source]

Environment Log location

The Environmental Log can be found between two support arcs far below the Blue Portal platform and can be accessed by jumping down the rift and landing on the support arcs. It is at the same level as the path leading to the Null Portal.

Unlike most other environment logs, it will not disappear 5 minutes after entering the level.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Killing The Shopkeeper

Gallery[edit | edit source]