Artifact Key

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Artifact Key
Artifact Key.png
A stone shard with immense power.
A stone shard with immense power.
Rarity Boss (Bulwark's Ambry)
Category WorldUnique
ID 101

The Artifact Key is an item in Risk of Rain 2. It is randomly dropped by enemies in Bulwark's Ambry during an Artifact trial. They are used to interact with and damage the Artifact Reliquary.png Artifact Reliquary, which is otherwise completely impervious to normal damage. When used, all Artifact Keys in the player's inventory, as well as those still on the field, are consumed, preventing the player from stockpiling them.

The Artifact Key's drop chance is not affected by the 57 Leaf Clover.png57 Leaf CloverBgLegendary.png57 Leaf Clover.pngLuck is on your side.
All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for a favorable outcome.
or Purity.pngPurityBgLunar.pngPurity.pngReduce your skill cooldowns by 2 seconds. You are unlucky.
All skill cooldowns are reduced by 2 (+1 per stack) seconds. All random effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times for an unfavorable outcome.
, and it will drop even if the SacrificeArtifact of Sacrifice is not enabled.

It is one of few items that the CommandArtifact of Command has no effect on. Though a yellow Command Essence will drop, it cannot be transformed into any item except the Artifact Key.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The key is incredibly simple. A stone crescent, with little discernable detail to the naked eye. But if one looks closer, with a sight beyond sight, they may notice the patterns inscribed on the key’s being. The patterns tell many things:

The key’s function: to unlock a lost trove of abandoned treasure.

The key’s creators: two brothers, one composed of ambition and the other compassion.

The key’s hopes: infused into the key, deep within its core, is a memory of better times, and the hope that one day, perhaps things could be better again.

The key’s reality: the bitter realization that such a reality exists only in the past.