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The Altar of Gold is one of the Shrines in Risk of Rain 2. It is a rare and expensive Shrine that can spawn on any map and on any stage count, except first stage. Upon purchase, it will spawn a Gold Portal once the Teleporter has finished charging. Entering this Portal will take the player to the Gilded Coast.png Gilded Coast.


  • The base cost is $200.
  • If multiple Altars of Gold exist on one stage, interacting with one of them will disable the others.
  • The Altar of Gold can be interacted with for free with Captain.png Captain'sCaptain.pngCaptainThe Captain is a unique survivor that can control the battlefield with utility and damage - with help from the UES Safe Travels.
    Class: Ranged
    HP: 110 (+33 per level)
    Damage: 12 (+2.4 per level)
    Umbra: Tired Veteran
    Beacon Hacking.png Hacking BeaconBeacon Hacking.pngBeacon: Hacking (Special)Hack all nearby purchasables to a cost of $0 over time.
    Survivor: Captain

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Version History

Early Access 'Skills 2.0' Content Update
  • QOL
    • 🌧︎ Altar of Gold now become unavailable once the Teleporter starts charging
    • 🌧︎ Add unique shrine icon for Altar of Gold