Abyssal Depths

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Abyssal Depths
Abyssal Depths.png
Tectonic Relics
Stage 4
Soundtrack Terra Pluviam

Lunar Seer Quote
You dream of fire.
Abyssal Depths logbook diorama

The Abyssal Depths is located within the crust of Petrichor V, and is a part of the fourth set of Environments in Risk of Rain 2.

A hellfire forged zone that is believed to be a continuation and adaptation of the Magma Barracks from Risk of Rain.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Legendary Chest[edit | edit source]

A Legendary Chest will always spawn in the center of the environment, nestled between the rock faces in a nook behind some plants.

Broken REX[edit | edit source]

A broken robot can be found on the high up platforms of the stage. Repairing it with a Fuel Array.pngFuel ArrayBgEquipment.pngFuel Array.pngLooks like it could power something. EXTREMELY unstable... will complete the Power Plant challenge and unlock REX as a playable survivor.

Newt Altars[edit | edit source]

The Newt Altars can spawn at several locations within the Abyssal Depth:

  1. Atop the hanging orange crystal in the center of the environment
  2. Corner of the third elevation level near the chain impalement
  3. Within a cluster of yellow crystals within the cave, which is only sometime accessible though the intentional means.
    • Can be accessed regardless by following the drop-down path entrance until the door and simply leap over it with any movement abilities

Lore[edit | edit source]

Welcome to DataScraper (v3.1.53 – beta branch)
$ Scraping memory... done.
$ Resolving... done.
$ Combing for relevant data... done.
Outputting local plain text transcriptions...

Day 0

We have landed a few minutes ago and I have no time I must log as quickly as possible I hope the speech-to-text works many died on impact inside hollow cavern chains great chains fire the ground they come from the ground the burning they breathe fire we are hiding beneath the caverns groans they coax metal from the surface with song giant snakes made of fire they collect the security chests the death god we are in hell here chains keeps the ground from splintering they breathe beneath and above and around us punishments it must be forgive me I cannot see too dark deep thunder goodbye

Local text transcriptions complete.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • All Multishop Terminals that spawn will be of uncommon rarity (green).
  • Shrines of Blood will not spawn on this stage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The internal development name for Abyssal Depths is Damp Cave Simple.[1]

  1. A Chat with the Makers of Risk of Rain 2 (Hopoo Games) https://youtu.be/j0Mpqfl3L50?t=4712