A Moment, Whole

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A Moment, Whole
A Moment, Whole.png
Stage Hidden Realm
Soundtrack Petrichor V

A Moment, Whole is a hidden realm introduced in the Hidden Realms update. It can be reached from A Moment, Fractured, by obliterating at the Obelisk while at least one member of the team has a Beads of Fealty.pngBeads of FealtyBgLunar.pngBeads of Fealty.pngSeems to do nothing... but....

This area is where the player will fight one of the four Twisted Scavenger bosses. The main purpose of fighting him is to be rewarded with Lunar Coins and complete the current run.

There is no way to exit the stage other than killing the Twisted Scavenger or being killed.

Twisted Scavenger[edit | edit source]

The boss drop

One of four Twisted Scavengers will be sitting in front of the player. See their page for their variants.

Upon killing the Twisted Scavenger, it will drop its sack and the screen will start to go black. Opening the sack will drop ten Lunar Coins. The lunar coins should be picked up before the screen turns black, otherwise they are lost.

Completing the fight with any Survivor on Monsoon also completes their Mastery challenge, which unlocks that Survivor's skin.

Logbook Entry[edit | edit source]

Environment Log location

The Environment Log is located behind the Twisted Scavenger, at the opposite side from where you spawn, behind a grave-like stone.

It is recommended to pick up the Log before the fight, due to the blackout that occurs after defeating the Scavenger. Furthermore, it will disappear 5 minutes after entering the level.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If you die in this area it will not count as obliterating, meaning it will not unlock the Mastery challenge if on Monsoon difficulty.
  • Reaching the edge of the stage will warp you back to the main area, but not in the case of enemies. Pushing a Twisted Scavenger to the edge of the map will cause them to instantly die as if they had fallen off the map, and their sack of coins will be warped to the main area to be looted.

• Going to the area will count towards Captain’s challenge.